Review: Cobra Libre

One of my latest purchases was the now infamous Cobra Libre, a male vibrator made in Germany by Fun Factory. Unlike all other vibrating toys like the Fleshlight Vibro, the Cobra Libre only uses vibration to stimulate the penis’ head – you cannot fuck this toy, just let it take you to the finish line… if you can.

The Good…
To say it in one word, the Cobra is simply unique. No change for thrusting, that means the toy must stimulate only by its vibrations and it does a great job on that. The Cobra has more than 30 different speeds / vibration patterns, giving your penis a massage fit for a king. The toy can be used hands free by placing it on your belly (if you point upwards) or in other suitable surface for an experience that borderlines on the mystic. The orgasms achieved with the Cobra Libre are powerful and extremely pleasurable.

Talking about orgasms, be ready for a long – and I mean long – ride. The Cobra gets you hard as steel in minutes, but it does not make you cum that fast. It keeps you on the edge for minutes that seems forever. Given a battery life that last for about 90 minutes after fully charged (used at higher speeds), the Cobra will build a powerful orgasm that will take at least 20 minutes to explode. During that time, you will squirm and twist like a baby, desiring a release that seems to be imminent, but stays right on the edge.

Cleaning the Cobra Libre is extremely easy. The case is waterproof, so you can wash the whole toy under the faucet (or use it on the shower) without problems.  If you don’t want to wash the whole toy, a damp cloth or anti-bacterial towelette wipe inside the silicone opening is enough to clean the toy and let it be ready for the next use. Once clean, the Cobra Libre is easy to charge using its magnetic “Click ‘n’ Play” system. A few hours of charging and you are ready to “vroom – vroom” again.

The Bad…
One bad thing about of the Cobra Libre is precisely that slow build up. In the five times I used it before writing this review, I was able to cum only twice with the Cobra – the other three times, I could not wait for hands free release and used either another toy or my hand to finish with explosive loads. Vibrations and the slow build up are not for everybody or for every occasion, so I could say the Cobra is not an every day toy.

Another bad thing about the Cobra is how temperamental the controls are. While using it, you just need to pass your finger above the controls to speed up (or down) the vibrations, but that ease becomes a liability when you are on the edge and want to increase the speed or change the pattern to a faster one – and you end slowing down or even turning the Cobra off. That is a big, big problem when you feel almost like cumming and you just need a little bit more speed.

The Ugly…
One thing that really pissed me off about the Cobra was the auto shut down after about 10 minutes. Yes, it turns itself off by itself. It took me three sessions to realize that the Cobra requires you to press the buttons regularly to avoid the auto shutdown. Also, when using the Cobra, have a towel ready to clean up. This masturbator doesn’t have a semen depository – the space is rather small – and depending on your penis size and the strength and quantity of your ejaculation, crossing the finish line with this toy can be extremely messy.

The Verdict
Want something different? The Cobra is the right thing to have. If you have the patience and the concentration to endure being on the edge for more than 5 minutes, then get ready for a great session. If not, the Cobra is still a good toy for heating things up and getting your little friend ready for a second (or third) round of play with your partner.