Review: Frolicon 2022 = A Weekend Full of Fun!

One of my favorite things to do is going to conventions and one of my favorite conventions is Frolicon. If you have never heard about Frolicon, it is an event held in downtown Atlanta combining the best of the geek culture – cosplay, gaming, anime – with a heavy addition of kink in all its glorious forms – BDSM, vouyerism, exhibitionism, public nudity and others. I like to call Frolicon the “Geek and Freak” convention because, to me, that is the heart and soul of this event.

Frolicon 2022 was my fourth time going to this event (previous ones were in 2016, 2017, and 2019) and every time, the experience is unique. First, because I meet different people every time I go. Second, because it is an activity in which your participation will define the event for you. My first Frolicon experience was generally positive, my second was not so good, but the third was enjoyable. How about 2022? Lets see!

To begin, this was my first post-pandemic event. That meant getting the dreaded Covid-19 booster shot (I was wary of the secondary effects, but had to take the first dose to visit my family in late 2021), having to carry the vaccination card and all the other precautions. Fortunately, by May when the event took place, most restrictions about mask usage had been lifted already.

Also, this year was the first time I was able to travel the day before the event. I used this opportunity to volunteer to fill bags, having a good time sharing with some of the organizers, vendors, sponsors and attendees. It was a fun time, and it gave me the chance to interact with some interesting individuals including a professional dominatrix, two cam girls, and the owner of two erotic businesses in Atlanta.

Day 1

The convention started officially on Thursday afternoon, so after registering I went to two conferences – one about negotiating consent for play (important for me since I went without a play partner) and the other about kink when you are neurodivergent (I have mild ADD). Both sessions were fun and interesting, but my body was already spent. I wanted to go to a cuddle party, but the tiredness and pain was too much. It is normal for me to lose one night of the convention, and in hindsight, if there is a good day to waste, it is the first day. I had to call it quits by 10 pm, but the following day was going to be interesting…

Day 2

The second day started with a conference on something new to me – abduction play. Although I had never thought about it, during the session I realized it is an area I would like to experiment as the abductor. Following it was one of the highlights of my experience: the Masturbation Party. Only once in my life I had been in a group masturbation scene and that happened when I was a teenager (no girls in presence). This time, I was part of a group of more than 25 people of mixed genders, all of us stimulating our genitals in different ways.

Kinky cosplayers in the common area (Twitter)

The stimulation of the party was so much I experienced a dry orgasm – an orgasm without ejaculation that is sometimes more intense than a normal one. Mine was so intense I was light headed for almost an hour afterwards. I shook the cobwebs during a short conference about gentle domination and prostate play.

After taking a break to eat something, I went to a conference about tantric sex (I love my long sessions with my toys), enjoyed the strip tease contest – shout out to Twisted, the woman defining pumpkin ass! – a burlesque show, and the Satan’s Little Helpers Party.

After three drinks, two bags of chips, an improvised spanking session with a sexy “nun”, and lots of cool conversation, I went to enjoy a burlesque show combining cosplay and burlesque. An emergency situation interrupted my enjoyment – an attendee asked my help to carry his girlfriend back to their room, but the young woman had accidentally overdosed when she mixed OTC medication with alcohol. Needless to say, I missed the rest of the show, but the young woman recovered thanks to the Frolicon’s staff and other volunteers. Lesson of the day: kids, don’t drink and take meds!

At this time it was 2 am, by whole right side was burning in pain and I was hungry, so I called it quits and went to my room to call it a night…

Day 3

Sessions about gooning (masturbating for extreme periods of time), sexual hypnotism, lots of CBD vaping and chatting on the smoking area and a quick lunch before going to the Maids Cafe. This was a great activity in which you select certain “services” from a menu of volunteer servers. The menu was extensive – from cuddling and massages to blowjobs and even sex. You had 15 minutes of service and it was interesting to see people getting serviced in a variety of ways. I opted for a back massage from the only female presenting individual available (a crossdresser / transgender person) and I have to say “she” did a great job with my upper back spasm.

After the massage, two more sessions – one about neurodivergent dominants and another about budoir photography -, more vaping action, the spanking contest, and a final burlesque show. To close the evening, I went to the Bachannalia where you could watch people having sex in front of you and even participate if they allowed it. I ended getting into a lively conversation with a very tall and voluptuos red head dressed as an elf who went inside a “glory hole” booth. I have to say, it was a new sensation to be a client of a glory hole!

The night cap were two parties in which I spent no more than an hour in each. By the time my body was aching it was already 4 am and I NEEDED to sleep, so I got something to eat, showered and went to bed…

Day 4

Although there were no more activities planned for the day, many attendees stayed an additional night and they wanted to continue the party. They improvised a meetup and later that night a play party in one of the rooms. I dropped in for a while, but the scene was not for me (mostly LGBT people there), so I excused myself out as soon my body started to complaint. By midnight I was in my room, having some quality time with my Nui doll…

Dom Vader was not at Frolicon, but I expect to see something like this next year…(Photo: Lil Redrum Dot)


Did I enjoy Frolicon 2022? Hell yeah! It was the first time I actively participated in so many activities – Masturbation Party, Maids Café, sessions, and four parties. I met a lot of people who I am keeping tabs in social media, trying to make a peer group for future events.

Am I planning to go next year? My answer is “most likely”. Next year’s Frolicon is in early May, so we can expect lots of Star Wars references and cosplay – and I am a lifelong Star Wars fan. The main issue is my health conditions and the effect of traveling there could do. But we have a year to deal with it, so as I write this, I am designing a custom lightsaber flogger…

Getting ideas for my custom lightsaber flogger (Photo: bellemorte2501)