Review: Love Venus R Doll

In my search for Masturbatory Heaven, love dolls were not even considered. The prospect of  having to inflate a plastic doll with pointy breasts and cartoonish face simply didn’t rock my boat. They were good for bachelor parties, frat houses, and practical jokes, but I was not interested in sharing an intimate moment with any.

My thoughts about sex dolls changed completely when I saw a Real Doll for the first time: they looked like real women, weighted like one and they were real size with real proportions. The only problem – they cost a freaking fortune ($5,000 and above), and are kind of difficult to put away. Then, I discovered the always horny and always creepy Japanese sex scene and they had their own solution: Love Pillows.

Among the ones available in the USA there was the Love Venus torso. It seemed to be the perfect alternative, but I found creepy to fuck a beheaded torso. I held buying one until the Venus R version was available in the USA – the same torso with arms (no hands), thighs, and a head. After using it for the past three weeks, I am ready to write a review.

First Impressions
When I received the Love Venus R back on early January, I was kind of depressed because the box looked smaller than I expected. Removing the doll from the box, I realized the doll has the same proportions of a petite woman that is about 5 feet tall. Of course, the doll does not have legs, but the proportions make sense. The “skin” feels soft to the touch, almost velvety and as close as real skin as a fabric can be. It doesn’t feel like upholstery or a stuffed animal. You can squeeze it and gives a good resistance – much more than a silicone or elastomeric material, but still soft enough for you to love squeezing it.

The LVR as it arrives to you

Vaginal Hole
The proportions of the Love Venus R are realistic (I had a petite GF a few years ago and the Venus R has more of less the same proportions). Bust is a 34 – 36 B, waist is just 23 inches and hips are a good 36 inches. The ass and hips became my favorite characteristic right from the bat – I’m an “ass man”, so grabbing this doll’s round ass was a pleasure on first contact.

The vaginal hole of the Love Venus R measure`s about 5.5 inches deep by 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. That means that a Fleshlight or a SIAC are out of the question. Even the Meiki Ozawa or the ZXY are too big for the Love Venus R hole. The only sleeves or onaholes accepted by this doll are the ones measuring between 5x3x2 inches by 6x3x3 inches, such like the 17 Evo, the Innocent Sister, most toys from Toys Heart, and the ones from the Meiki Clones Series. Inserting any of the onaholes accepted into the hole changes the sensations you feel, and most important, avoids you squeezing the sleeve and your penis – so it is a good way to avoid the dreaded Death Grip Syndrome or DGS. It is important to wrap the base of the onahole with plastic and either paper towel or something else to keep the hole clean and avoid the onahole from slipping out of the hole when doing certain positions.

The Love Venus R allows you to practice various sexual positions – missionary, doggie style, sitting and cowgirl. The hole is in the right place and has a good angle – not the perfect one, but much better that the mattress or shoe methods used with the Fleshlights. The arms and thighs take a time to get used to, but once you know what to do with them, they become another turn on as they can be an active role in fantasies. The skin fabric feel real enough and absorbs some heat – so it doesn’t feel as if you are fucking / touching a corpse.


Going to Hell… I know!

Where the Love Venus R really shines is that it becomes a blank slate for fantasies. At first, the blank face is creepy as hell, but if your imagination is good enough, it will become whoever you want it to become. Also, if you have heard that a wig can change a woman – it is true. A simple wig changes the look of the Venus R and helps on developing fantasies. To complement the fantasy you can add clothes and accessories. If you ever had envy from your little sister when she played “dress-up” with her dolls, now is your turn to play dressing your doll.

In my case, I had developed 15 different personalities for my Love Venus R – 12 resembling women that had been important in my sex life and 3 fantasies. Just a change of wig and some imagination and you have a new “woman” in your bed. So far I had “enjoyed” 2 of these personalities and you can see a description of each one in the Love Venus R Personas page. Just for an example here are the two personas I had enjoyed so far: Enid and Mina.

The Venus R uses the following clothing sizes:

Wigs:You can use either adult or children standard wigs. I had bought only costume wigs for two


reasons: they are cheap ($1-$7 each), and it is not weird buying them. I buy them online at Costume where they have discounts up to 90% of the regular price.

Tops: Junior 9, 10, 12 and Women Small. (all USA sizes)

Dresses: Junior 10-12, Women Small, Size 0 (all USA sizes)

Bras: 34B fits perfectly
Panties / Underwear: Women Small, Sizes 5, 6

I live in NYC, so there are a lot of discount stores in the area where you can get clothes for less than $10. In my case, I buy some of the clothes in these stores and other (specially the underwear) in $5.99 Fashion , an online store where the most expensive item is, guess, $5.99. So far, I had spent like $70 in clothes for the different personas of the Venus R, but it has been a good investment so far.

General Verdict
In general, the Venus R is a good love doll and a great addition to my collection. There are still some positive and some negatives, but overall, I love this overpriced pillow. Some of the positive aspects are:

  • Price. Costing between $400 and $600 depending on the seller, it is not a cheap toy, but in the love doll market, it is an affordable sex doll. The closest competitor – Teddy Babes – start at $700 for the basic and going up to $1,200 for the “real life” size ones.
  • Realistic dimensions. Something I really like about the Venus R is that its proportions are anatomically correct. Unlike blow up doll with gigantic breasts and ridiculously thin waists, Venus R dimensions can be found in a real life woman and the doll resembles an actual woman shape.
  • Highly customizable. The Venus R is a blank slate – you can add wigs, accessories, and clothing and you have a new doll.

Some of the negative…

  • Arm positioning. Placing the arms in a natural way is virtually impossible since they don’t have any internal skeleton.
  • Blank face. Although I like to use my imagination, I would like the Venus R to have a face of its own or at least have the option of accessories to make your own face a-la Ms. Potato Head.
  • Where are the nipples? Apparently, in Japan women have no nipples (and I know they have), because the Love Venus R doesn’t have any. I don’t know if the manufacturer or other site besides ToyDemon have after market nipples, but I want some on my Venus R.
UPDATE: Even after 6 years and many, many dolls since the Love Venus R, it is still my favorite doll in my collection. 
My LVR with its “Ada” persona (current and final)
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