Review: Sexual Health Expo (SHE) Brooklyn

This week has been a weird one…

Last weekend I got the flu and could not complete  my programmed reviews on the Muse Arkhe and my new “sex slave”, a 168 cm DS doll. Those will have to wait for next week . I did not have any energy to masturbate and the day I did, I almost died  when I could not breathe correctly while having sex doll with the DS. Lesson: Never have sex doll while suffering the flu!

She waits patiently for her Master…

Thankfully, I felt a lot better by the end of the week, so I took my chances today  and decided to assist the New York version of the Sexual Health Expo (SHE ) in Brooklyn. I did not take photos or video in this expo, but I can tell you my opinion about the show.

What I liked

The gift bag. One of the reasons I love going to expos are the gift bags provided by the sponsors. For SHE, I have to say I got the best bag from ANY expo I have attended. What made it good? Let me tell you:

  • Lifestyles a:Muse Personal Massager
  • Bad Dragon Cum Lube (8 oz bottle)
  • Skyn Elite 3-condoms pack
  • Assorted condom samples: Crown, Caution Wear, LeloHex, One
  • Assorted lube samples: Gun Oil, Pink, Astroglide, Wet, Jo,  SimplySlick, and Divine 9
  • 2 TENGA Eggs

In addition, the bag (a shopping bag sponsored by Aneros) included the usual discount coupons (more than 7 stores), gift pens, and the SHE magazine / program. Considering this is an expo with a regular  ticket price of just $20 (and that the NY show was free because it was completely sponsored by We-Vibe), the goody bag itself was much better than the bags given in other expos I had paid $40 – $80 for a multi-day pass. The sponsors in this show did not hold their punches…

The expo floor. The expo floor was relatively small – about 45 exhibitors – , but packed with interesting products and services. Everything here had to do with the show’s theme of sexual health education. From lingerie to sex toys for both sexes (and all sexual identifications), and from common brands to small “boutique” vendors, everything was professional and upscale. No scantily clothed women, no muscular oiled guys, no gay men in thongs – the show shines for its professional and serious tone.

The schedule. The show is just two days long with workshops and seminars running in two separate areas from 11 am to 6 pm. The events are your standard presentation type seminars, with some of them being streamed live on Periscope or Facebook Live. Cool.

What I did not like

The emphasis on female topics. I know, I know – I should have guessed that with an acronym like SHE – but since they promote the show as being “diverse” and inclusive of ALL orientations, I expected to see a few more topics centered on straight men sexuality. I have to concede that there were four sessions that had the potential, but most of the point of view was either female or “neutral”.  With the exception of a session about how to give great blow jobs (I don’t give them, but I love to receive them) and the masturbation discussion (which centered on how bad men masturbate, a topic I agree with the presenter), the other sessions dealt with the female point of view. For example, the “Hot, Fat Sex” workshop basically centered on the BBW and female body positive stance – but the only mention of the problems faced by fat guys like me was when the presenter mentioned “the person who is penetrating”. The fact that not even fat girls want to fuck fat guys was completely absent from the discussion.


Personally I am still trying to manage the fact that in the sexual education scene, straight men are ignored. Still, SHE is a good show to assist. Even if you don’t agree with what is said by the different presenters, it is sure you WILL learn something new and useful. And that is the purpose of the show.

SHE will be in Los Angeles and Phoenix (?) in 2017, so check out their website and get your free tickets.  The gift bag alone is a good incentive to go!


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