Review Summary: Love x Cation 2 Toy Series

I recently completed the review of the four toys inspired on the Love x Cation 2 date sim and some of you asked me to summarize the reviews, so here you have it… Of course, you can read the individual, detailed reviews for Seine, Hime, Hinata, and Wakoto by clicking the one you are interested.

From left to right (and coincidentally, the same order I reviewed them!):


This toy looks boring and smooth, but once you start using it, the sensations awake and it becomes a freak in bed. The toy allows you to take your time, teasing you and taking you to explosive, deep orgasms. Perfect as a doll insert.

To me, the LC2 Seine Yoshinoya is a really interesting toy full of surprises. For a low price you get a toy that can kick your ass if you don’t pace yourself. Just like the character it is based upon, the LC2 Seine seems boring and flat until you take her to bed – and then all bets are off! Excellent toy for your money!

Total Score: 22 / 25




Tight and rough on the edges, this toy’s texture will make you finish with strong orgasms – but it will make fucking it a little bit difficult. This texture creates so much air pressure that it will push your penis back, making staying it inside part of the whole experience. If you like feisty toys, this one is perfect for you.

In my opinion, the Hime Narukawa could be a lot better. The texture is fantastic, but the tight opening and the general tightness of the canal makes penetration and enjoyment difficult when using as an insert for a love doll and a little bit too intense when used as a hand -held toy. Still, for below $15, it is an interesting toy to have in your collection.

Total Score: 20 / 25






The LC2 Hinata has an inviting and unassuming texture that is tight and welcoming. You could be surprised by its sudden intensity, so pace yourself. I used my LC2 Hinata as an insert with my Love Venus Doll and the sessions were a lot more quicker than I expected. The toy was easy to penetrate, and it felt so good that I ended ejaculating inside it after a few strokes.

It is the most balanced texture from the series, giving some level of control while allowing you to have impressive orgasms. Excellent toy for the price!

Score: 23 / 25




This character is the typical “sea urchin” girl – difficult to approach, but a lot of fun once you get close to her. The toy inspired on the character is the most intense toy of the series, being easier to penetrate than expected, but very difficult to control.

Just like the other toys from the series, I used my LC2 Wakoto as an insert with my Love Venus Doll and the sessions were full of short pauses because the toy was a wild ride. Penetration was easy, but once inside the tight entry, the ribs, and the pronounced bumps inside the bent tunnel attacked my  little friend without mercy. The toy does not feel tight, but there are so many things going on that you want to stay in for a bit longer, while the toy wants you to shoot quickly…and more than once. Excellent as an insert!

Score: 23 / 25 

Personally, I loved these toys. Yes, they are short – about 4 inches long – , but when you are of average size, a sleeve like these is more than enough to do the trick. For a price below the $15, these are perfect as first toys or travel companions. Give them a try!

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