Review: Wicked’s Peppermint Cocoa Lube

Winter is coming!

I am not a Stark, but yes, winter IS coming. The leaves are changing colors, days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder – all signaling the approaching of the Holiday season. I do not know about you, but I associate winter and the Holidays with drinking hot cocoa. For me, there is nothing more comforting on a cold winter night than sitting down to watch TV with a fleece blanket covering my legs and a warm cup of cocoa on my hands…(Well, maybe a hot lady giving me a slow blow job would be more comforting, but that barely happens…)

Apparently my friends at Wicked Sensual Care have similar feelings with cocoa because they have a flavored lube just for the Holidays: Wicked’s Peppermint Cocoa. They hooked your pal El Casque with a kit for review, so there we go!

The case for flavored lubes

Lets be honest here: we all like receiving oral sex. There is nothing better than having a warm mouth playing with your genitals, but sometimes the “taste” of our genitalia is not too pleasing to our partners. Sometimes we need to add a little “sweet flavor” to our sausage (or clam) so our partner finds it more enticing. I used to have a girlfriend that was addicted to chocolate, so chocolate syrup was a constant in my shopping list.

This and Nutella!

Unfortunately, the ingredients on chocolate syrup go perfect with vanilla ice cream, but they break havoc on genitalia. This is when flavored lubricants come in play.

Flavored lubricants allows you to place a more appealing flavor to genitals, creating interesting experiences depending on the flavor(s) being used. Usually you will find fruity flavors like cherry, banana, and strawberry, but in recent years you can find a wide variety of flavors ranging from the classic vanilla, to licorice, cinnamon buns, and even red velvet cake among others to satisfy the most adventurous gourmet.

The Wicked Peppermint Cocoa lube

Wicked is one of the main companies creating these gourmet flavors. They are known by  flavors such as Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Bun, and Cherry Cordial which are already classics, so when they offered a “sample” of their seasonal Peppermint Cocoa flavor, I accepted without questioning.

I am not a big fan of flavored lubes because most of them use artificial sweeteners (these products cannot use sugar to avoid vaginal yeast infections) and I hate the metallic aftertaste of aspartame and sucralose. Wicked uses Stevia – a natural sweetener that does not promote the development of yeast, making it an excellent option. In addition, the Peppermint Cocoa is a limited edition for the Holidays, so I got to try an unique product!

I received a full-sized retail 2 ounces “sample” and right away opened the pack to taste this special flavor. The lube is clear and the smell is similar to opening a bag of Tootsie Rolls – you can smell chocolate, but it is not an overpowering smell. The consistency is on the thin side (watery), but it is a slick and non-sticky lube.

The lube has a delicate flavor where you get first a chocolate flavor close to the Tootsie Roll taste followed by a light peppermint aftertaste. It is a pleasant flavor that, unlike other flavored lubes I have used in the past, does not overwhelm your taste buds. On the skin, it does not leave any sticky residue and it does not stain clothes / bed sheets.

Yes, I tried it on “her” too!

Since this is a water-based lubricant, it is safe to use with most toys. It remains slippery far longer than I expected and you can smell a faint minty aroma on the air while using it – which is a plus!


If you want to insert some variety into your Holiday season sex, try the Wicked Peppermint Cocoa lube. It is an  all natural water-base lubricant that will help you taste your partner in new ways…

If you are a Cavs fan, send her a case!

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