RPP# 186: Tomax MUSES – Kokalo

Last year I reviewed two of the toys from Tomax Muses series: The Arkhe and the Fillo. Those two toys were excellent – in fact, I picked the Fillo as my top toy of 2016 – so I had already high expectations for the third toy in the series: the Kokalo. For this review I was not only testing an interesting texture, but also the Rich Soft firmness level from Tomax, which promised to give an unique experience.

Did the Kokalo meet my expectations? Lets go to the review!

Video Review

 First Impressions

As I had mentioned before, I love the box art from this series. Like the Arkhe and the Fillo, the Muses Kokalo has art inspired on Ancient Greek culture, with the drawing of a muse on the front, Greek text all around the box, and antique looking drawings to show the texture. On this case, the art shows a bunch of “pencil” drawings showing different bone structures from our Muse – her chest, ribs, and the wing bones are shown.

Why? Well, maybe because the word kokalo means bone in Greek. When you look at the drawing of the cross section, you notice that the tunnel looks like a clavicle (or collarbone). Inside this “bone”, you get a tunnel with a series of tubular structures running along the tunnel (the bone marrow?) with ribs that run perpendicular to the tunnel (vessels?). When you look at the curvy “clavicle” tunnel, combined with the tubular structures and the ribs, you can expect a very intense texture that can give different sensations depending on the angle and depth of penetration.

Can you see the similarities?

The texture looked interesting, but the material was even more intriguing. My friends at QueenCat suggested to get this toy in the Rich Soft material – a firmness level that although not as elastic as their Very Soft, tends to cling to you creating an enveloping effect – so I decided to listen to the experts. Fingering the toy, I realized why they made that recommendation: the toy’s texture hugged my finger and I could feel the ribs inside the tunnel. At a harder level, the sensations could be too strong for some users, but for a guy like me, this firmness seemed to be perfect for my tastes.


Just like with the other toys in the Muses line, I decided to use the Kokalo as an insert in one of my dolls. This is a 2 pounds ( almost 1 kilogram) toy, so it is heavy for a stroker. Being in the Rich Soft firmness, the toy is a big, huge, floppy mass which becomes slippery when dealing with lubricant. To really enjoy this toy, I used in my Nui, my Meiki Plush, and my Anime dolls – and in all I had incredible sessions!

When I fingered the Kokalo, I felt how the material adapted to my finger, basically hugging it. When I penetrated it with my little friend, that hugging and entwined sensation was the first thing I felt. Going slow and deep, I started to feel the ribs, rubbing gently while the rest of the material hugged the whole length of my penis (not that there is a lot to hug, but it felt good anyway). Because using the toy as an insert gives the toy more rigidity, it was super easy to penetrate the toy and go deep into it at a pace I could feel the toy’s material enveloping my penis, creating suction at every thrust.

I loved that sensation. The closest I can describe it is like when you are hugging someone and it feels so good you do not want to let go. When inside this toy, I wanted my session to last as long as possible because it felt extremely good. With the Rich Soft firmness, the sensations were very organic and realistic, and the dolls helped to make the experience even better.

Cleaning and drying was very similar to cleaning the Fillo, so remember to ensure the toy’s interior is completely dry before storing it.


The Muses Kokalo is a good toy for those either looking for intense experiences (Hard / Regular firmness) or those looking for an unique set of sensations that although realistic, they do not necessarily look real (Very Soft / Rich Soft). Highly recommended.


  • Solid, thick masturbator toy.
  • Variable sensations depending on the selected firmness level (5 levels available)
  • High quality TPE formulation.


  • Heavy for stroker use (2 pounds / 1 kilogram approximately).

Score – 25 / 25

Feedback – 5/5

Orgasm Buildup – 5/5

Realism – 5 /5

Durability –5 /5  

Value – 5 /5

This toy was provided for review purposes by my friends at QueenCat Adult Toys. Check them out for this and all other Tomax products!