RPP #187: Hesokan Navel Fucker

Have you ever seen a woman so hot you think “Damn! I would fuck all her holes, even the bellybutton!”? If you have, then today is your lucky day because I am reviewing A-One’s Hesokan Navel Fucker – a toy that allows you to literally fuck a belly button!

Is penetrating a belly button good beyond the novelty? Lets go to the review!

Video Review

First Impressions

Besides the novelty of penetrating a toy by the belly, I have to say that the box art gives a really good first impression. The cute and super developed babe shows a pair of huge plump breasts, a cute slightly chubby belly, and one of the most vicious, horniest faces I have seen in any toy cover art. Definitively a sight for sore eyes!

Now, the art is cool, but what is inside is what we are interested. The toy has the shape of a half micro doll – just the bottom part – with a nice round ass and a cute vulva (vaginal lips for most of us). Unfortunately, these are for show – you cannot penetrate either one. The only hole in this toy is in the belly button and believe it or not it is kind of small.

As most Japanese toys, the Hesokan includes some lotion to allow you enjoy the toy right away, but this toy does not include the typical foil packet sample…no sir! The Hesokan includes a 100 ml bottle of a custom lotion with a special fragrance designed for this toy. The fragrance smells like baby soap, so it is a nice smell, but I found the lotion a little bit too watery for my liking. Still, 100 milliliters is a respectable quantity of lube that is ALWAYS welcome!

When I fingered the toy – as I do with all my toys before introducing them to my little friend – I could feel the busy interior full of organic bumps. The material felt softer than I expected, sucking on my finger. After that I had to use this toy the way it was intended, so I lubed my little friend and went to fuck the first navel of my life!


Unlike my other toys, I could not use the Hesokan as an insert in one of my beloved dolls. The position of the hole you are penetrating requires you to use it as a stroker, so I fired my favorite porn on the TV, lied on my bed and went to town on the Hesokan.

The first thing I noticed was how the toy worked with my penis to put it in an awkward position, but the toy still felt good. If you have a penis that curves upward when erect, then this toy will fit perfectly with you, but my friend below the belt points forward, so this toy gently forced it into a weird position that gave unique sensations.

I loved the softness of the material and how it created a suction stronger than I expected from this toy. With a tight tunnel, a bumpy interior, and the different position, the Hesokan felt like no other toy I have tested. The texture was not too intense, and the suction becomes the most pleasurable part of the sessions. The toy felt natural and allowed me to build on my orgasms – which were deep and powerful.

One word of caution: The toy can easily burst open at the closed end. The closed end of the toy has just a little bit of material and you can feel it bulging in every stroke. Many times during my sessions I was worried about breaking it because I could feel the tip of my penis through the material – and I do not have a big or long one. I just decided to go slow, and enjoyed the texture as much as I could, but I was scared about breaking the toy during my first try.

Cleaning the Hesokan was easy and quick – just be sure you remove all your fluids from the interior when you wash it and make sure the interior is dry before storing.


The Hesokan Navel Fucker is an interesting  toy. Beyond the novelty of penetrating a belly button, the Hesokan has a good texture that feels real and a material and tunnel shape that creates a very comfortable suction. Because the toy feels so comfortable, you can build your orgasm to a powerful happy ending.


  • Novelty / kinky penetration point
  • Natural texture
  • Includes a good supply of lotion


  • Can not be used as an insert due to hole position.

RPP Score: 21 / 25

  • Feedback: 4 /5
  • Orgasm Buildup – 5/5
  • Realism – 4 /5
  • Durability –4 /5 
  • Value – 4 /5

This toy was provided for review purposes by my friends at MyOnahole.com Check them out for this and other unique products!