RPP #188: Muni’s Yawamande Shiyo

I am a strong believer in the idea that a product’s price is not an indication of its quality. Time after time I had been surprised by “cheap” toys that were excellent in sensation and durability, making them a must have. This is one of those times…

I purchased Muni’s Yawamande Shiyo simply to complete the minimum purchase level to receive free shipping, and with a price of $17, I figured that if I did not like it, I was not losing much. It turned the best $17 I had spent in a while!

Lets go to the review!


First Impressions

The cover art on the Yawamande’s box is the usual cute anime girl, but in this case, our anime girl is openly having sex on the cover. You can see her with an open shirt, showing a nice round pair of breasts, while mounting a guy. You can also notice his dick (pixelated, of course) penetrating her. This is a clean, pretty illustration to help you to masturbate, so I tip my hat to the artists at Muni because they don’t give a fuck to political correctness while doing pretty artistic hentai.


Around the box you will see the expected pictures of the toy’s tunnel showing the texture, which is a relatively simple concept. The tunnel is divided in four sections: the top has rounded knobs, the sides are covered with micro ribs, and the bottom has this thick tubular spine. This spine is interesting because it looks smooth at first sight, but when look at the pictures, you realize it has a superficial micro ribbed texture that is barely noticeable.

Opening the package, you get the toy in its salmon pink color with a simulated vulva and the hint of ass cheeks with the required lotion sample. Now, the first surprise with this toy was its softness. The Yawamande is way softer than I expected for  a $17 toy. Fingering it, I got my second surprise on the sensations given by this toy’s texture. The micro ribs on the sides were noticeable, but I could bet that the bumps at the top and the spine at the bottom would do most of the work on my little friend by rubbing the glans at all times.

The size of the toy – about 5.5 inches by 2.5 inches in diameter – is perfect for doll use, so I placed it on my trusty Venus Love Doll R and went to town!


When I penetrated the Yawamande, I got the third surprise from this toy. The material felt soft and warm, and as I expected, the spine was in contact with the underside of my penis at all times. What I was not  expecting was how quickly this toy would sent me to the edge of cumming due to the combination of the ribs and the bumps with the spine. Basically your penis is under a full surround attack of sensations at all times when using this toy – a soft but constant attack. I had to go slow with this little toy to control my urge to cum and stop a couple of times to make the sessions last.

The toy is not intense in the usual sense of the word. The material is soft, the textures are not aggressive, but they work perfectly together. Each section of the toy does its job in keeping you pumping it until you feel the need to shoot – and shoot you will! My orgasms with the Yawamande were deep and strong, leaving me panting next to my doll.

Cleaning and drying was easy, flushing it with water and a little bit of alcohol.





Like I said before, the price of a toy does not equal quality. The Yawamande is a cheap toy – just $17 at Toy Demon – but it is an excellent toy for those wanting new sensations without breaking the bank. The simple textures inside this toy work in perfect tag team with the material and provide a constant subtle attack on your penis that builds up a surprisingly quick orgasm. Highly recommended!


  • Low cost (below $20)
  • Soft material
  • Simple but effective textures
  • Perfect size for doll insert


  • Texture can be too weak for those with DGS (Death Grip Syndrome).

RPP Score: 23 / 25

  • Feedback: 4 /5
  • Orgasm Buildup – 5/5
  • Realism – 4 /5
  • Durability –5 /5 
  • Value – 5 /5

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