RPP 189 & 190: FiFi’s Furfi and Dominator

I like to travel with my toys so I am always looking at those toys that are easy to pack and easy to “hide”. Two years ago, I got the Fifi and since then, it is one of my favorite travel toys. It is light, discrete, easy to use and not too expensive, so perfect for the road. Now, the biggest complaint about the Fifi was its lack of texture – but they fixed this with two “new” products: the Furfi for those looking for “softer” and “warmer” sensations and the Dominator, for those looking for stronger stimuli. I tested both during my most recent travel – and this is my review!



The Dominator is the “BDSM inspired” toy from FiFi, with a pleather exterior and a textured interior with micro bumps. The idea behind this toy is to offer you a more intense experience than the one you get from the regular Fifi.

Personally, I liked this toy. The pleather (false leather) provides a good grip even if you fingers have some lube on them. The micro-dots interior texture is present at all times and you can feel it even through the latex disposable sleeve used in the product. It is not as intense as lets say a STU Fleshlight, but it does the job of giving lots of attention to your little friend while allowing you to control the pace of your orgasm buildup. Allow your partner to use it on you – and be prepared for a slow torture!

RPP Score for Dominator: 22 / 25

  • Feedback- 5 /5
  • Orgasm Buildup – 5/5
  • Realism – 2 /5
  • Durability –5 /5 
  • Value – 5 /5

Review – FURFI

If the the Dominator is the “tough lover” of the line, the Furfi is the fluffy, soft, and warm lover. The cover on the Furfi is a soft, high pile fake fur that resembles rabbit fur. Being so soft and fluffy, the Furfi feels more as a caress and a tease than a male masturbator. But be aware – softness can be very effective!

The Furfi can be used with the latex sleeve as a masturbator and you will feel the fluffiness and warmth of the material – and it feels good – or you can use it without the sleeve to receive a teasing massage from the material. You can also use the Furfi to tease other erogenous areas that respond well to soft sensations such as the nipples, parts of the face, and yes, even the genitals. The Furfi, on the right hands, can be a very interesting tool in sensation play for either sex.

RPP Score – FURFI: 22 / 25

  • Feedback: 3 /5
  • Orgasm Buildup – 5/5
  • Realism – 4 /5
  • Durability –5 /5 
  • Value – 5 /5


As mentioned above, the Fifi is one of my favorite travel toys- and now I can add its cousins the Dominator and the Furfi. These versions give slightly different sensations and are perfect for travel thanks to their discreet design. Highly recommended!


  • Low cost (just $30)
  • Variable tightness
  • Easy to pack
  • Discreet design


  • Texture can be too weak for those with DGS (Death Grip Syndrome).
  • Require the use of latex sleeves.

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