RPP #191: Rends A-10 Cyclone Masturbator

Damn! I realized I have not written a review in three months – AND THAT IS NOT FAIR! But to my defense, I had been in a bad flow since February with lots of stress at work and the resulting issues of stress with a banged-up body like mine. I am writing this review while dealing with intense pain from injuries and conditions in half of my body…so please ignore any nonsense!

So, half of my body is in pain – all the way from my neck down to my knee – so it is extremely difficult to masturbate. Using a stroker is out of the question because my hand and my arm hurt when I move it. Dolls and other toys that allow me to hump them are also out of the question because my hip and lower back are on fire. Still, I am horny as fuck… So what the hell can I do to relieve the pressure?

Simple. I  use motorized masturbators that allow me to cum without moving!

Honestly, I am not a fan of “vibrators for men” like the Cobra Libre because they keep me on the edge but they do not allow me to finish. Most of the time, I use the “vibrator” to excite myself, get me in a high level of pleasure…to then use my hand or manual stroker to finish.

With my current situation, that is not an option, so I looked for toys that allowed me to get pleasure without having to move a single muscle. One of those toys is the classic A-10 Cyclone masturbation cup by Rends. This toy has been around for a few years and it has been reviewed by some bloggers, but I got mine about two years ago and never used it enough to review it. Of course, with half of my body busted, I used this toy enough to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about it!

Lets go to the review!

First Impressions

My first impression of the A-10 Cyclone was “This shit is complicated!” For starters,  it looks and feel more as an electronic device rather than a sex toy.  I purchased the Cyclone with the R-1 controller and when you unbox the toy, you notice the USB cables, the huge battery pack and the black / metallic gray scheme.

The Cyclone has three main parts: the cup where you put your penis, a long black cylinder – which is a battery pack – , and the R-1 controller which is the brains of the operation. The cup has four removable parts – a plastic spacer, a TPR orifice, the textured  TPR cup, and a clear acrylic cover that sometimes you need to remove for cleaning. The cup is connected permanently to the battery pack which has an USB cable that connects to the R-1 controller. If you got dizzy just reading all this, I admit I got dizzy just writing it!

Cup, controller, and battery pack.

The Cyclone comes with a textured cup (the Medusa), but there are four other textures you can buy separately . I got three of those additional textures for my Cyclone – Snake, Crystal, and Freeform – leaving the Rolling Fella since its reviews were not stellar. I will discuss each texture in this review.


Let start the review with the brains of the toy, the R-1 controller. The controller gives you seven modes / patterns of stimulation and seven speeds plus a “turbo mode” for 50 different settings. It is important to say that the R-1 connects with other Rends toys like the A-10 Piston, the Bach rotor (bullet vibrator), and many others.

The R-1 is relatively easy to operate, just like an old-school MP3 player. The patterns will depend on the toy you are operating, and with the A-10 Cyclone you have seven rotation modes going from the simple complete rotation to complex rotational patterns including complete and partial rotations.

The controller is cool, but the toy is the part we are discussing here. The “muscle” and “soul” of the Cyclone is the cup where you insert your little friend – or at least part of it.

The Cyclone is neither a vibrator or a mechanical stroker, but a rotational massager. The cup allows you to insert about 3 inches of your little friend inside it to receive a powerful massage that feels different depending on the pattern, speed, and texture you are using.

You need to use plenty of lubricant when using this toy because of the rotational pattern and also because the gears of the Cyclone are extremely sensitive – they gag at the least provocation. If the cup or your penis is not well lubed you will hear and feel the Cyclone “gagging”. If you push your penis too “deep” into the cup, you guessed it, it “gags”. And if you place the cup in a weird angle, yes, it gags. Still, once you follow the protocols and lube it right, the Cyclone does its duty without issues.

Cleaning the toy after you are finished can be a hassle. Even if most of your cum will stay inside the cup, lube usually spilled to the acrylic cover, requiring disassembling the whole toy – spacer, TPR cover, cup, and the acrylic cover – to wash each part with running water and/or soap.

Now, lets talk about the cups…


This is the  cup included with the Cyclone and it is a relatively intense texture. The TPR “tentacles” feel like nothing you have tried before and depending on the pattern and speed you select, the Medusa texture can be gentle or very intense – specially when you are getting closer to orgasm. This texture allowed me to cum in between 25 – 40 minutes, which is the session length I enjoy the most.

The Medusa texture


The Snake is one of the additional textures I bought. This texture is totally smooth and it is more a “pressure” texture since it has a very narrow tunnel that has a pronounced curve in its middle. I found this texture to feel like a nice hand job, specially when using partial rotation patterns at slow / medium speeds. The Snake failed on making me finish, but it is one of those textures that can be enjoyed as part of a multi-toy session.

The Snake texture


I found the Crystal to be the most intense of the texture cups. In fact, the Crystal was TOO intense at times. The pyramid-shaped texture is a though one to ride with those pointy edges scrubbing your penis all around. No matter the speed or the pattern, the Crystal made its presence felt. At lower speeds, I could feel the pyramids points hitting every part of my penis. At higher speeds, it was closer to a cheese grater, but it worked well when using the “burst” rotation patterns.

The Crystal texture


This cup was my favorite by far. The Free allows you to use your imagination and fill the empty TPR cup with basically whatever you want to create a 100% personalized and unique texture. I used a few things in different sessions – raw rice, raw pasta, marbles, plastic beads, and even cut pieces of a busted cheap masturbator. Each filler gave extremely different sensations and my favorite were the marbles. They were heavy enough to give a weird rough massage, but the randomness of the marbles movement was my favorite part. Depending on the speed and pattern, the marbles hit in totally different ways – and I love that variability.

The Free (with marbles)


The Cyclone is an interesting toy for those looking for something different. The sensations given by the A-10 Cyclone are simply awesome given you find the pattern and speed that works well with your favorite texture. Once you find your favorite setting, just lube, relax, and enjoy.


  • Portable
  • Provides a wide variety of sensations
  • Unique way of pleasuring yourself (or your partner)
  • Controller works with other toys from the same manufacturer


  • Pricey (about $150)
  • Noisy
  • Requires regular change of batteries
  • Texture cups are about $25 each
  • A pain in the ass to clean
  • Mechanism too sensitive and prone to choking

RPP Score: 19 / 25

  • Feedback: 4 /5
  • Orgasm Buildup – 5/5
  • Realism – 3 /5
  • Durability –3 /5 
  • Value – 4 /5

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