RPP #192: Apollo Reversible Masturbator GRIP

Well, I just came back from my annual peregrination to my parents’ home and as always I took a couple of small toys to play while traveling. This time, I took a toy I purchased more than a year ago but that I have not tested: the Apollo Grip. This is a relatively cheap toy from Cal Exotics from their Apollo line for guys. Is it a good toy? Lets go to the review to know!

First Impressions

The Apollo line of masturbation sleeves is not an impressive one. All of the Apollo 1.0 line are TPR close-ended cylinders of about 6 inches long with a 2 inches diameter which is the standard size for hand-held masturbators.

Like the other models of masturbation sleeves of this line, you turn the Grip inside out to get access to its two textures. One is a completely smooth texture common to all the toys of the line and the other is the titular texture. On the Grip textured side, you get a series of uneven length ribs – parallel to your penis on the ends, perpendicular to your penis on the middle section. The ribs at the end are good to excite the head of the penis by rotating the Apollo around your penis, the ribs at the middle are to excite you when stroking.

Because the ribs are of uneven lengths and about 1/8” inch thick, the toy seems to be a mid-level stimulation type. It will depend mostly on the type of lube used during the session and the dimensions of your penis.


I used the Grip in both textures in hands free and stroking sessions. Right away, the smooth texture is perfect for teasing and for a marathon session either as a hands-free toy or as a stroker. Cumming with the smooth side will take forever – I’m talking at least 50 minutes of constant, fast paced  humping / stroking. As you can imagine, when you finally cum, it feels like your penis is just exploding…

You can get a lot more fun with the textured side. I used a very thin lube with it and I could barely feel the ribs rubbing my penis until the third session. When I did, the sessions’ length became an average of 35 minutes with good intensity orgasms.

Cleaning the Apollo is very easy since the toy is designed to be turned inside out. Just clean under running water, then pat dry and let it air dry overnight.


The Apollo Grip is what you call an average toy. It has a good size for traveling and a dual texture – which is always interesting – , but the intensity of the toy is on the lower level. Orgasms were good, but they took FOREVER to arrive even when stroking at full speed.


  • Non sexual orifice
  • Two sensations on the same toy
  • Travel size
  • Good for long sessions


  • Low stimulation
  • Can take forever to reach orgasm


Intensity: 2 / 5

Realism: 2 / 5

Feedback: 3 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Value: 4 / 5

Total Score: 16 / 25