RPP #193: A-10 Cyclone SA Vorze

As I mentioned in my review for the A-10 Cyclone Cup, I am not a big fan of motorized toys, but due to the intense pains I had been suffering since May, I had been relying on them for those days when I want to cum without moving too much. One of these motorized toys is the A-10 Cyclone SA VORZE – the larger and improved version of the Cyclone Cup.

Blue Balls not allowed here, Monkey!

I consider the Vorze the improved version of the Cyclone cup – not only because they are made by the same company and have basically the same idea and name -, but also because the Vorze has a couple of very unique capabilities that makes it an interesting toy for guys that not even like motorized toys.

Without further do, lets go to the review!

First Impressions

My first impression of the Vorze was “Damn, it’s big!” (I know how that sounds…) Like Rends mentions on their website, the Vorze can be seen as the first “sexual home appliance” rather than a sex toy.  With a futuristic white and blue design, the Vorze looks like anything except a sex toy. It has the height (12 x 5 x 5 inches)and weight ( 3 lbs) of a small domestic blender, so you can say it is a dick blender.

Besides the main Vorze unit, you will find a AC charger, a DVD, instruction booklet, a small bottle of  lotion, and an USB dongle. The USB dongle is to connect the Vorze with your computer to have interactive experiences and the DVD includes not only the drivers, but also a software to prepare custom interactive scripts and a sample movie. Note that the Vorze does not include a starter sleeve, so do not forget to purchase a sleeve when you purchase this “sexual appliance”!

Like many other electronic devices, the Vorze comes partially charged, so it is recommended you charge the toy before using it for the first time. While I left my new robotic cum bucket charging, I checked the instructions and the software included with the toy. The Vorze includes a software to synchronize its movements with any movie clip, so I was very intrigued with this capability. A toy that I can set with any movie? Really?!

Well, I was excited to test this feature, so I installed the software included in the DVD… to find the interface is in Japanese! Although they include some references of the functions for non-Japanese user, I found that frustrating…

The Vorze still has two other ways to synchronize with your PC. You can purchase pre-programmed movies online or you can make your own scripts using any spreadsheet software by following the instructions provided. It is a rather simple thing to do, but it will take you some time to master. The movies can be a little pricey, so I will go with the spreadsheet script option on the long run.

As mentioned earlier, you need to purchase the sleeves separately from the main unit.  I bought four of the sleeves with a mix of gentle and intense textures: Infinity (smooth), Glans (mid intensity), Master (intense), and Vortex (intense). I expected a lot of fun with this toy since it has seven rotation patterns and seven speeds – with four sleeves, I am talking about 280 possible combinations… plenty of opportunities for having fun!


Manual Settings Review

After charging the Vorze for about 2 hours, I took it for a test ride on its manual mode. The controls are easy to manage even in the heat of the session – a big problem with most motorized toys. The big LED colored indicator let you which pattern you are using by cycling through seven different colors – white, red, blue, yellow, green, magenta, and cyan. The patterns go from the simple full rotation to complex patterns involving partial rotations in both directions, pauses, and varying speeds.

After playing with the different speeds and patterns for a while, I found my favorite one and relaxed… Man, it was incredible! I picked the Infinity sleeve for the first test ride because it is smooth and once I settled with a pattern and speed, the Vorze transported me to a handjob session from heaven. I came hard into the sleeve about 15 minutes into the session – and it was just my first run with a “smooth” texture!

Of course, I had other textures to try, so I made a couple of runs with the other sleeves. You will find that each texture has an unique feeling, so do not be surprised when you pick a specific favorite setting for each sleeve in your collection. Do not be surprised by the amount of lubricant / lotion you need to use. Because the toy has rotational patterns, you will need a good quantity of lube to avoid “rubber burns” on your penis and damage to the sleeves and the unit mechanism.

Unlike its cousing the A-10 Cyclone Cup, the Vorze is easy to set up and clean. You only need to remove two parts – the unit top and the sleeve case – and both are magnetic. Cleaning the sleeve is like cleaning any other close ended masturbator.

Automatic Setting Review

Testing the automatic settings required a little bit more of time due to the language issue with the included software. Still, I found a couple of promo pre-programmed videos and used the sample script included in the DVD to test the Bluetooth communication.

Once I plugged the USB dongle to my computer and turned on the Vorze, they found each other rather quickly. I launched the Vorze player and played one of the promo clips and right away the Vorze came alive. Using the sample script with one of my own clips proved to be interesting, specially after I modified it a little bit. It is definitively an interesting option because you can create an infinite number of scripts – and each script will feel different depending on the sleeve you are using!

Something else you can do is download the Vorze Controller app (Android devices only). This app allows you to set the settings using your Android device. It is a little bit clunky, failing to accept certain combinations, but it is a cool tool to play with a partner.

Now, lets talk about the four sleeves I tested…


The Infinity texture is basically smooth, but has a curve that creates a stimulation point. This creates very realistic sensations compared to a good handjob on the lower speeds and a blowjob on the higher ones.

Favorite settings:

  • White, 2nd speed
  • Red, 4th speed
  • Blue, 3rd speed




The Glans is a very busy texture with lots of variable ribs and bumps areas. The stimulation is also variable with a gentle sensation if you penetrate it shallow (just the tip) and a more aggressive attack the deeper you go. Like the name says, the texture is designed to give more stimulation to the glans (the head of your penis), so if you have a sensitive glans, this texture maybe could be too intense for you.

Favorite settings:

  • Red, Speed 3
  • Green, Speed 4
  • Magenta, Speed 6


The Master is a deceptively simple texture: eight (8) grooves parallel to your penis create eight short flaps of material to stimulate your little friend. The Master is as intense as it is simple – your penis, all of it, gets stimulated at all times with the same intensity. Depending on the program and speed, the Master can be brutal – but the orgasms are epic!

Favorite settings:

  • Green, Speed 4
  • Magenta, Speed 3
  • Cyan, Speed 4


This sleeve simply blew my loads stronger than most toys I have reviewed so far. With an organic texture, the Vortex is intense no matter the setting, but it feels unique at every one you try. I found myself slowly humping the toy while using the lower speeds trying to get deeper inside this sleeve. In the higher speeds, I had to stay quiet while my eyes rolled inside my head before I shot my load. Really unique!

Favorite settings:

  • Red, Speed 3
  • Green, Speed 3
  • Yellow, Speed 7
  • Magenta, Speed 5


  • Provides a wide variety of sensations.
  • Quiet for a motorized toy.
  • Unique way of pleasuring yourself (or your partner).
  • Recharges pretty quick.
  • Ten sleeves to choose from with a variety of internal designs.
  • Can be controlled remotely by any Android device (free app not included on DVD)
  • Connection with a Windows or Mac computer allows an infinite number of custom programs to synchronize with favorite videos.


  • Pricey ($250 for the main unit)
  • Does not include a starter sleeve.
  • Texture sleeves are about $25 each
  • Toy should not be used continuously for more than 20 minutes to avoid damage to the mechanisms.
  • You need to use lots of lube.


The Vorze is a MUST HAVE for those liking varied sensations. It is an expensive toy (about $300 when you purchase two sleeves), but it is such a versatile toy, that it pays itself after a couple of uses. Once you find your favorite setting, just lube, relax, and enjoy.

RPP Score: Since this toy can provide an infinite number of sensations, I am not giving a score.

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