RPP #194 / 195: Fleshlight Turbo ( Ignition and Thrust )

One of the sensations I enjoy the most when having sex is the sensation of my penis inside a woman’s warm mouth, her tongue savoring my penis, sucking the life off my body with every slow movement of her head… OK, I love when a woman sucks my dick, alright?

Specially one like this!

Although I love receiving a slow session of fellatio as much as the average man, I have a single problem: I don’t have a willing partner to give it on a regular basis. I get my occasional blow job now and then, but if it was for me, I would get my dick sucked every morning – and I am neither Ron Jeremy or flexible!

Yep, he did it!

Of course, every time a toy manufacturer launches an “oral sex simulator”, I run to buy it and test it. Most of the better simulators I have tested came from Asia – La Bocca della Verita and the HEPS Fantastic – followed by the incredible oral sex doll made by novelleco. They are good, but still there is a lot of room for improvement.

Recently, Fleshlight launched their latest try to replicate oral sex: the Fleshlight Turbo. This is an interesting sleeve concept, replicating the sensations provided by the lips, tongue and throat with a revolutionary Fleshlight design. It comes in two textures – Ignition and Thrust -, and in this review, I cover both textures… So lets go to the review!

First Impressions

The Turbo is available in two interesting colors, copper and iced blue. To make my life easy, I purchased the Turbo Ignition in copper and the Turbo Thrust in ice blue. Both sleeves come in a clear case, which is cool when you are playing with someone else, specially with the iced blue which is semi-transparent. Each sleeve came with a sample Water Lube pillow so you can go and take a spin of your new toy as soon as you want.

Besides the new colors, the Turbo sleeves bring a revolutionary concept to Fleshlight – the vented orifice entrance. Unlike your typical Fleshlight, the Turbos come with an orifice divided in three areas: a raised ring to simulate the lips, an intermediate ring to simulate the tongue, and then the tunnel to represent the throat. The rings are suspended by three “beams” – straight on the Ignition, curved on the Thrust – that believe it or not have a mechanical function. Besides this new design, the Turbos also have a non-anatomical orifice design, which is a plus for women, gay men, and other non-binary individuals using this product on their partners. Personally, I prefer the anatomical orifices, but well, that’s me…

Review: Turbo Ignition

The first time I used this sleeve, I was unimpressed. The sensations were dull, the vented entrance made the lube to dry quickly, and the sensations were “off”. I should have known better than to use the Fleshlight Water lube – it was too watery for this sleeve! I realized I needed a more robust and slippery lube, so I made a mix of samples I had of the following lubes: Vorze SA Lotion (thick and slippery), Bad-Dragon Clear Lube (super slippery), Gun Oil H2O (average), and the remaining packets I had of Fleshlube Water. That mix made all the difference in this review, so have that in mind!

Using the new Frankestein lube mix, the Ignition became alive! Penetrating the toy is a little bit tricky with the consecutive rings, but if you “miss” one or both rings you get a total different set of sensations. I found the Ignition texture to be on the mid-stimulation level, perfect for use while watching a Fellucia Blow video (or any other with performers giving a lot of tender loving care to their friends’ dick). You can even replicate the sensation on getting my dick licked on the side by inserting my little friend through the beams instead of through the ring. Really wild!

Ignition Texture (Fleshlight.com)

I took a while to cum with this toy, enjoying the different ways to play with the sleeve. Once you get to use a lube with the good consistency for the sleeve and how to use the new orifice design to your favor, the sky is the limit!

Review: Turbo Thrust

With the knowledge obtained with the Ignition, I used the same lube mix for my sessions with the Thrust and I have to say it is my favorite of the two. The Thrust’s texture is a little bit tighter and aggressive than the Ignition’s, giving a slightly more intense session. Although still on the middle intensity level, the Thrust orifice rings are easier to align and penetrate giving you a completely different experience than the Ignition. You can still replicate the side-licking sensation, but because the ring supports are larger (and curved) in the Thrust, it gives a tighter nudge to your little friend.

Turbo Thrust texture (Fleshlight.com)

Both sleeves are easy to clean – just flush with running water like any other Fleshlight and let air dry completely before storing.


Incredibly, once paired with the appropriate lube, both Turbo textures can give sensations relatively close to a blow job. They are not the closest in the market – I would give that to the HEPS Fantastic -, but both the Ignition and the Thrust are the most fun to play with!

Score – Turbo Ignition

Intensity: 3 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Feedback: 4 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Value: 4 / 5

Total Score: 20 / 25

Score – Turbo Thrust

Intensity: 4 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5 

Total Score: 23 / 25

Available at: Fleshlight.com

P.S.: Buy the package with both versions and you can replicate an scene like this…