RPP #196: Penthouse Toys Deluxe Stroker (Stella Styles)

One of the problems when you have been reviewing toys for many years (this is my 8th year!), you start to get bored of the toys available in the market. They are very, very similar and the sensations start to blend. Fortunately for me, now and then I get my hands on toys with improvements, either using new materials (unlikely), new textures, or simply new designs on the sleeve or in its case promising new sensations. The Penthouse Toys Stroker series by Topco is one of these toys.

Lets be honest: These are NOT revolutionary toys. They are your typical stroker molded after a porn star or cam girl, with a realistic texture, space for a bullet vibrator, and a hard case with minor improvements that makes this line of toys an interesting one.

Are they a life changer? Lets go to the review!

First Impressions

We need to start with the first thing catching my attention: Stella Styles.

I honestly had no idea of who she was before purchasing this toy – the only thing I knew was that she was a MILF type star with a big pair of breasts that (obviously) had appeared at one time or another in Penthouse magazine. I had never watched a clip, had no idea of where she was from, or if she was a post-op tranny (hey, she has a tranny face…just saying!). After receiving the toy, I did some research and found she is a German porn star with a taste for orgy and professional lady-type video catalog. After watching a couple of clips, I am now a fan!

That said, when you receive this toy, you get a very stylish masturbator in a hard silver-colored case, a storage bag and a bullet vibe that goes in the sleeve. The toy emulates the classic Fleshlight, having a similar size (9 inches long by 3 inches wide in its widest point) and weight (about 1 pound). The sleeve is open ended and what you expect from a TPE sleeve – nice detailed vulva with a pink tint that disappears after a couple of uses, lifelike flesh softness, and lots of flexibility. The sleeve have a small hole where you push the included bullet vibrator – just be sure to install an AAA battery before (not included). The bullet is your average multi-function bullet, needing to press the top button to change vibration patterns. I counted 6 patterns in the bullet included with my toy and the power was not impressive.

Where this toy makes major changes is in the hard case area. Unlike the Fleshlight’s cases, which are round, the Penthouse stroker has a more ergonomic shape with a dotted design that helps to keep a good grip on the case while stroking. The case also has a built-in D-ring hook that is intended to help you hang the toy upside down to dry after cleaning.

Fingering the sleeve, I could feel the softness of this TPE formulation (Cyberskin) and how organic the texture felt. The tunnel has a natural curve in it and the material created an enveloping sensation that I personally enjoy… so I lubed on and went to play with Fraulein Styles!


I used this toy with and without the vibrator – and it behaved like a totally different toy.

When I used the toy with the bullet, the vibrations were not too strong, which I personally enjoyed. The texture was not too present until I went balls deep into the sleeve when the relatively soft vibrations amplified the ribs hitting my little friend. The bullet kept doing its job long enough to help me finish with a nice climax.

Without the vibrator, I REALLY enjoyed the texture. If you are a “short cannon” guy like me, you will mostly hit the first three textures on the sleeve – micro ribs, organic parallel lines, and thick ribs. Those sections massage your little friend and will help you to build up a nice, relaxing orgasm that, if you like long sessions like me, you will love this toy.

If you have a longer “tool”, you will hit the more intense sections of the texture, so prepare yourself for a deep, strong release…

My only complaint with this toy is the bullet. To use the sleeve with the bullet, you need to turn on the bullet, pick a pattern, and insert the vibrating bullet before starting your session. Once you start using the sleeve, there are no changes on the vibrating bullet unless you remove the sleeve from the case and locate the already vibrating bullet – not an easy task with a lubed sleeve and case. That is why I prefer to use this toy without the bullet.

Cleaning is very easy – as it is with all open ended toys. The D-ring on the case is a cool idea, but I found it almost useless since I still needed to remove the sleeve for complete cleaning and drying.


The Stella Styles sleeve from the Penthouse Deluxe Stroker series is not a game changer, but it is a strong toy by itself. Its organic texture, realistic vulva, and material softness makes it a good contender against Japanese toys. Add a better case design than the Fleshlight, and it is an excellent option to those looking for a series with Western porn stars with textures similar to the Japanese toys.


Intensity: 4 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Total Score: 24 / 25

Available at: PinkCherry.com or your favorite sex store.

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