RPP #197: Infinity Masturbator (Toy Demon)

I get lots of criticism because I do not publish my reviews on a regular basis. I get it – you guys want to be informed of the latest toys every week -, but in my defense, I do use ALL the toys I review. When I post a review is because I have enjoyed that toy in all the ways I wanted and that takes time.

Take for example today’s toy: the Infinity masturbator from Toy Demon. My friends at Toy Demon sent this toy back in January and it took me five months to write this review. Why so long? Well, when you get a toy capable of creating more than 216 possible different sensations, it takes time to experience as many of them as you can!

Was this long testing time worth it? Lets see in the review!

First Impressions

When I got the toy, my first impression was “Niice!” The packaging of the Infinity is a classy one: White box embossed with the brand, with individually packed components showing elegant black and red printed details. I received the deluxe version including the Classic Set (vaginal orifice, Nub, Wave, and Rib textures, and the enclosure system), the three additional “deluxe” textures (Geode, Gauntlet, and Duplex), a 150 mL Meiki lotion, and a custom toy bag. This was what I call the Royal Treatment!

The Royal Treatment!

I unboxed the Infinity and realized right away this was a special toy. It is not revolutionary – it is a modular toy and I have reviewed a couple of them in the past (Heps OTRIS, Zolo Stax, Mastur Stacker) -, but the Infinity feels different. The modular toys I have reviewed in the past were either too small, felt too flimsy, or were too bulky and hard. The Infinity, once assembled, feels solid and sturdy. The size is perfect for hand stroking, and the TPE used in the textures (called Loops) is soft and inviting.

Describing the Infinity is a little bit difficult, but I will say it has three parts: the Portal, the Enclosure and the Loops. The Portal is  basically the entry orifice, which usually is either a vagina, an anus, a mouth, or a non-sexual hole. At the time of review, the only Portal available was the vaginal one (called the Classic). The Portal (as well as the Loops) has a plastic body with a TPE center. The TPE is soft and has a ribbed texture that gets wider the deeper you go. With a height of around three inches (3 in), it can easily be used as a masturbator by itself, but of course, using it as part of the Infinity is a better option!

Portal texture

The Enclosure is what gives the Infinity its sturdiness. It is an ABS plastic “exoskeleton” made of a base, two lateral ribs and top locking mechanism. The left “rib” has notches to secure the Loops and the top locking mechanism goes over the Portal. Once you twist the locking mechanism, everything stays in place without any jiggling or give.

Fully assembled Infinity

The Loops are the textures – six available at the time of review – and they are basically plastic disks with a TPE center. The disk is approximately 3.3 inches in diameter by 1.5 inches height – very similar to an ice hockey puck. Like the Portal, you could use each Loop individually, but they are a lot more fun when used together as the Infinity, so I assembled my Infinity, lubed up, and went to town!


Fully assembled, the Infinity measures around 8 inches – meaning that if you have a short penis (like yours truly), you will never experience all the textures. In my case, I will experience the Portal (3 inches) and the first Loop (1.5 inches). In a lucky day, I could experience the second Loop when I go balls deep. That takes away lots of the fun of using a modular toy, but I could still have fun with this toy – so I did!

The whole assembly

Using the toy as a unit feels great. The plastic parts have dots serving as gripping surfaces, so it does not slip during use. Surprisingly for a toy that is just snapped together, I did not notice any major lube leakage during my sessions which was a big positive. Something interesting was the suction valve at the bottom of the toy. Because half of the toy was empty space, the suction was barely noticeable, but keeping the valve pressed improved the sensation. I imagine that those of you with longer penises will enjoy both the suction and the textured glans exciter.

Bottom glans exciter

Because I cannot enjoy the whole length of the toy, I tried the toy in two ways. First I assembled the toy with the texture I wanted to experiment as the first “Loop” following the “Portal”. After a couple of uses like that, I would use the Loop independently to just experience the texture by itself. As you can imagine, this required a long series of sessions – again, that’s why it took me so long to review this toy!

The Portal

As shown above, the Portal has an expanding concentric circles texture creating half of an hour glass with the thinnest part at the entrance.  This design ensures the base of your penis is well pressed at all times helping you to maintain a good erection while using the toy and at the same time gives your glans (penis’ head) space to expand during the session, making it more sensitive.

The TPE engulfs your penis and the concentric circles create this hard ribbed texture that is very noticeable at all times. As mentioned, the Portal is currently only available with a vagina entrance which could be non interesting for those of you who are gay or “non-binary”.

Nub Loop

The Nub texture is one of the Loops included in the basic package. As the name implies, this Loop is simply an array of nubs or bumps that will surround your penis.

When you use the Nub as part of the Infinity, the transition between the Portal and this texture is noticeable, especially the nubs rubbing the frenulum. Used by itself, it is a pretty intense texture, especially if you penetrate it at an angle to make the glans rub as many bumps as possible.

I liked this texture for fast and furious sessions – because it is pretty intense!

Wave Loop

This texture is maybe the least intense of the pack – given you use it as a stroker! This basic texture runs almost parallel to your penis’ shaft, so it is not too intense when stroking up and down. It really shines when you turn the toy around  and the waves of material hit your penis.

I enjoyed this texture mostly when I wanted longer sessions, using it as a stroker during most of the session, then giving quarter turns while stroking when getting closer to climax. If you do that – or even better, ask your partner to do it for you – you will have very extreme ejaculations!

Rib Loop

 Simple and effective texture. The Ribs loop is what it says – a hole with a series of pronounced ribs perpendicular to the penis that will feel as intense as you want them to feel.

If you use a thin lube, this texture will be super intense, making you finish after a couple of minutes. Want to last longer? Then use a thicker lube and you will feel the ribs getting more and more intense as you “consume” the lube. I really enjoyed this texture when placed as part of the assembly because I would feel the pressure of the Portal’s texture then my penis would hit the ribs and it would send waves of intensity. Highly recommended!


Gauntlet Loop

The Gauntlet is part of the additional textures, and with these, things get more interesting. The Gauntlet has two sets of orbs – one set with wavy ribs and another with spiky bumps. Since each set is on a different side of the loop, the Gauntlet feels different depending which side you are penetrating.

When you penetrate the wavy ribs orbs first, they caress your penis’ glans and you do not feel the spikes on the other side. You feel them on the out stroke, giving an intense reminder of where you have your little friend. Flip the loop, and you get the inverse sensation – intensity when you are in and a nice caress when you are getting out. This loop is great for independent use, specially if your partner is the one using it on you.

Geode Loop

The Geode is named like that because the texture is divided: one half has a wavy texture while the other half has a series of irregular bumps looking like small rocks. I cannot find a way to describe the sensations produced by this texture, but the closest to it is like dealing with a person with multiple personalities. Depending on which side you are entering and the angle of penetration, you get sensations ranging from a gentle caress finishing with a small “bite” or a very intense sensation concentrated in parts of your penis.

This texture was a little bit too crazy for me, but it is an interesting texture that gives really good times!

Duplex Loop

This became my second favorite texture because of the totally different sensations it provides. Unlike the other dual textures, the Duplex has a membrane separating the two horizontal halves of the loop. In one side you have long “fingers” massaging your penis and on the other half you have shorter (and harder) nubs providing stimulation.

If you have the longer “fingers” on the penetrating side, you will feel the massaging sensation, then the membrane – giving you a “pop” similar to those cervix simulators – and then nothing else on the in stroke. On the out stroke, you will feel some stimulation on the glans followed by the “pop” and the massaging sensation.

If you have the shorter nubs on the penetrating side, you will get a nice stimulation, then the membrane “pop”, and the massage of the long fingers. On the out stroke, you get all those sensations on reverse order. This is one of those toys you want for long sessions – and those long sessions are brutal!


Cleaning is very simple – just disassemble and rinse with running water. Pat dry and air dry for a couple of hours before storing.


The Infinity is an incredible toy giving you infinite possibilities (pun intended). You can assemble three different textures, purchase three of the same, or use the textures as independent mastubators and you will enjoy it regardless of how you use it.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Intensity: 5 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Total Score: 25 / 25

Available at: ToyDemon

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