RPP #198: Holy Trainer Chastity Device

If you have been a long time reader of this blog, you know I like kink. I am not a hardcore BDSM practitioner, but I am always looking around for things and experiences to “spice up” my sexual life. I am an “experimentalist” – someone who will try things just to have a new experience-, so when Mistress K from House of Denial contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying one of the devices sold by her company, I said “Sure, why not?!”

Male chastity devices explained

A male chastity device is basically an artifact that will not allow you to use your penis in a sexual way. Usually, male devices are basically cages made of different materials – metal, plastic, or silicone – that do not allow the user to enjoy sexual pleasure  or gratification in the traditional sense. Simply said, once you secure the device in place, forget about fucking or jerking off…

Why a guy will do this? Well, there are various reasons. Most guys using these devices are in Dom / sub  relationships and they get a thrill on giving away control of their sexual organ to another person. Other guys enjoy going to work wearing their devices, going through the day with the excitement of having a dark secret inside their trousers. Some guys simply feel oversexed and believe wearing one of these devices help them to avoid cheating on their partners. Others love to have intentional “celibacy” periods (e.g. “No Fap November”) and these devices help them to regulate themselves. Regardless of the reasons, male chastity and the devices used in practice are becoming a staple in sex toy stores and plenty of toy collections.

The Holy Trainer

Personally, I do not practice celibacy. I have a very good relationship with my little friend and never thought about putting him in a cage. Still, when I received the  message, I accepted the challenge. After the initial contact, Mistress K asked me a couple of questions and ended recommending the Holy Trainer, one of their best sellers.

I received the package a couple of days later and I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. The Holy Trainer comes with a plastic pouch that stores the parts. This is a simple device: a ring, the cage, and a patented locking device, but it includes four different rings to test which one is the most comfortable for you. Just by checking the device, it is easy to see why it is a best seller – it is lightweight but feels sturdy, simple to use, and its design seems easy to clean and maintain. This is a perfect introduction to male chastity devices, so right away I felt more confident about caging my little friend.

Using the Holy Trainer

I decided to use the Holy Trainer for four (4) weekends only. The original idea was to use it from Friday evening to Sunday evening without removing it. Setting it for the first time use was easy – pick the ring with the best fit, slide my penis inside the cage and lock both parts together. The most difficult part was finding the most comfortable ring, and even that was quick: I got the right one on the second selection.  Once in place, it bothered a little bit when I sat down, but the discomfort was off  after a couple of hours.

At first, I felt my crotch had grown three times. Feeling the hard bulge between my legs was a new sensation, and of course, my little friend started to get hard. Having an erection while caged is one of the most unpleasant things I have experienced in my life. It did not hurt, but since the device was a perfect fit while “in rest”, getting an erection felt as trying to fit into a shirt size Small when you are 3X.

Felt just like my erection…

The discomfort quickly killed the erection, and after a couple of hours, I had forgotten I was wearing a plastic cover on my genitalia. The resin used to make the Holy Trainer kinds of molds to you once it reaches body temperature and becomes a perfect match to your contours. I was expecting it to make my genitals hot and sweaty – after all, I am a fat guy and almost everything makes me sweat – , but to my surprise, my penis never felt sweaty or gross whenever I took off the device. According to the Holy Trainer website, this has to do with the bio-sourced ingredients of the resin. Whatever they are using to make this cage, works like a charm!

Although the cage is easy to wear – and way more comfortable than I expected -, there are a couple of issues it shares with all the other male chastity devices…


Unless you are work in a BDSM dungeon, you probably will prefer to use a bathroom stall instead of the urinals. If you do not care the face of an urinal neighbor having a glimpse of your plastic dick, then go on and use an urinal in your workplace…

The Holy Trainer is designed so you can urinate without major issues – given you sit down on the toilet. Because of the cage position, the flow of urine is not as strong as when your penis is “free”. If you decide to urinate standing up, be ready to change your posture or you will pee your shoes…


I expected cleaning my privates would be an issue while wearing the device, but it was easier than I imagined. Of course, I could not clean my little friend as I am used to clean it, but the design of the Trainer allows for soap and water to flow freely, allowing to have an acceptable level of hygiene.


Remember my original plan was to wear this device during the weekends? I had to adjust the plan to only wear the Holy Trainer while I was awake. I am a stomach sleeper, and in this position, the ring basically buries into my flesh. After a couple of hours turning to check if I could sleep with the device, I gave up and took it off. If you sleep in any other position, it does not bother – but I can only sleep on my stomach.

Wearing it in public

Wearing it in public gave me the thrills associated with having a secret. The first and second weekend I would do my typical errands – grocery shopping, laundromat, hanging out with friends – wondering if someone could notice the hard bulge inside my pants.

I have to say that I checked on the mirror every time I went out and I could not see any difference on the exterior. Only one of my friends noticed when she hugged me during the last weekend of the review and felt something hard – so be careful when hugging someone who does not know…


After this review, I can say I understand the thrill of using this type of device. The Holy Trainer is a comfortable and easy to use chastity device, perfect for the beginner. Even hardcore users will find this model perfect for everyday use, either for a couple of hours or a couple of days.

I can say I found another interest…(maybe).

Me after a full day wearing the device…


Because this is a device, I changed the typical scoring method:

  • Comfort: 5 / 5
  • Value: 5 /5
  • Ease of use: 5 / 5
  • Kink factor: 4 /5
  • Cleaning and maintenance: 5 / 5

Total score: 24 / 25

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