RPP 2.0 #19: Fleshlight’s Blade (RPP #47)

Continuing the series of “past-due” reviews, today I will be discussing the Fleshlight’s Blade sleeve. Usually, when I finish the five testing sessions with a sleeve / onahole, I already have formed an opinion about it: I either like it or not, and can give a clear description of the reasons for my opinion. With the Blade, I had to go to the extra mile to review it – all that due to the new flexible case. Lets go to the review and let me expand…

Blade sleeve (ILF / Fleshlight


The Blade is an interesting idea from ILF. Like its Fleshjack cousin the Sword, the Blade was designed to be a compact sized sleeve with enough space for the larger guys. At the same time, both sleeves introduced a new concept from ILF – the squeezable case!

Unlike all FLs / SIACs, the cases of both the Blade and the Sword is made of a flexible rubber-like plastic that allows you to squeeze it a little bit to add pressure and tightness to the sleeve. The new case plus a new pear-shaped orifice make the Blade a lot easier to grip when compared to the standard Fleshlight and the SIACs. Since here the case adds a new variable to the system, I will review both the case AND the texture.

The Case – What I like…
I like the shape and the graphic design of the case. The flexible case has the design of a katana handle allowing for a far superior grip during use and for a Japanese art fan like me, the design and the antique bronze color look cool as hell. The pear shape of the sleeve also helps in improving the grip, since your hand is in a more natural position. In addition, the material is soft enough for you to squeeze up to feeling your penis inside the sleeve, but strong enough to avoid you choking your little friend too hard.

The Case – What I don’t like

The bad news for the Blade (IMO), is when you begin to use it. The case has four small holes on the bottom and a big removable tab on the center. The removable tab is to change the suction inside the texture and although I used the sleeve with and without it, I could not feel a big difference besides being able to feel the texture a little bit better. That was not that bad… The bad part were the four little holes.

See, I like to have long sessions. One way to achieve that is using a little bit of extra lube at the beginning of the session, so with the friction some of it gets consumed and the remaining lube reactivates with my pre-cum. That allows me to have sessions longer than 30 minutes without reapplying lube.

With the traditional FLs and the SIACs that method has not been a problem at all even when having the session without the end cap of the hard cases. With the Blade, even an extra drop created a mess of lube all over the case after a few minutes of use. Why? Simple – when you penetrate the lubed sleeve, air pushes some of the lube towards the end of the sleeve. And guess what you have in the end? The damned four small holes that serve as gates for the extra lube to exit and create a wet mess all over the hand you are using to stroke. Hands free sessions are even worse because the leaked lube wets everything in contact with the cover. The only way I was able to enjoy the sleeve without worrying about the mess was closing the holes with electric tape.

The texture
The Blade inner texture (ILF / Fleshlight)

 The texture of the Blade is a tested classic in the masturbation sleeve industry – a series of medium thickness ribs forming various chambers that change in  diameter. This texture in a hard case would make you explode with its intensity in a few minutes, but in the flexible case it expands a little bit more, allowing your penis to last a little bit longer. Press the case, and the ribs are slightly more noticeable, taking you to the edge. Release the case, and the chambers keep you at the edge. Once you are at that level, the Blade keeps you there, guessing what combination of pressure and speed will make you orgasm and which one will help you to stay on the edge a little bit more.

Finding that sweet spot take a few uses (in my case, I needed to fix the leakage issue first), but once you find it, the Blade becomes a good sleeve. Cleaning as always is easy, but removing and replacing the sleeve in the case takes some practice due to the pear shape.


The Blade is a good sleeve, allowing you to build intense orgasms – once you get used to the gimmicks of the flexible case.


Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 4/5
Tightness: 4/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  37 / 40

FYI: I did not use porn for this review.

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