RPP 2.0: #3 – Innocent Younger Sister (RPP #32)

Innocent Younger Sister (Photo: ToyDemon.com)

The Innocent Younger Sister is one of those onaholes that I don’t feel weird using as a stroker. This toy from Toys Heart has a rubbery consistency (similar to a pencil eraser), and its weight is great to use with the hand. But honestly, I prefer to use it with my Venus R. It is one of those inserts that fits perfectly with the Love Venus R and it immediately became one of my favorites for doll sex.
The Innocent Younger Sister is easy to fit into the doll’s hole and once lubed, it is extremely easy to penetrate. Once inside, you are welcomed by one of the most intense onaholes in the market. A spiral welcomes you at the entrance, then after the initial shock, a tight channel with a series of nubs, ribs, and God only knows what else gives you immediate intense feedback. The Sister is intense, but it is addictive. Once you get used to the intensity of the texture, you don’t want to remove from it until orgasm. You want to fill this hole with cum – meanwhile you are trying to hold as much as you can because you don’t want the sensations to end. When you ejaculate, be aware that you will need to stay quiet for a few minutes before trying to stand up. Orgasms with this rubber pussy are extremely intense and satisfactory.
Cleaning is relatively easy due to the material – it doesn’t “absorb” the lube or the cum so once you pour water into the hole a few times and rinse, it is clean. Drying is relatively fast since you can insert a paper towel or a microfiber cloth to dry the excess water, then leave the onahole to dry overnight. Definitively one of my favorites.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 3/5
Tightness: 4/5
Tear and Wear: 5/5 (No noticeable tear or wear)
Hygiene: 4/5
Maintenance: 5/5
Use: 5/5

Value: High  It is a $50 range onahole, but it is sturdy and durable.
Preference: High Favorite for the Love Venus R whenever I want intense orgasms.

Total score: 36 / 40 

FYI: The Younger Sister is so intense that I didn’t need any porn to do the reviews. I did watch some scenes from 18 Years Old Love Cum #5 to get “in the mood” (each DVD in that series has about 12 scenes). From the recent scenes, a lovely freckled redhead gave enough fuel to nail “Ada” with the Younger Sister, resulting in one of the most mind-blowing, earth-shattering, prostate draining orgasms I had ever had masturbating.

Next Stop: Whatever sleeve / onahole I feel worth fucking…