RPP 2.0 #7: Virgin Sister Meiki (RPP #35)

Virgin Sister Meiki showing its canal (Photo: Omocha Dreams.com)


Tonight’s reviewed product arrives From South Korea. The Virgin Sister Meiki (VSM from now on) is one of three meikis in a series known as the Sisters: Virgin, Mature, and Nympho. The differences among these sisters are the width of their canals (Virgin is the tightest, Mature is the widest) and how pronounced is each one of the internal texture. In that area, the Nympho is the one with the most noticeable texture. It is important to notice that all three meikis have realistic internal structures including a G-Spot.

The VSM is extremely soft as most meikis are, so if you are expecting an intense ride, you will be disappointed. Meikis are not made for intensity, they are designed to be as real as possible and it that, they excel. The VMS has only 1 cm (less than 0.5 inches) in its widest part, so no matter how thin your penis is, it will wrap you totally. The texture is incredibly organic, with a series of delicate nubs and ridges distributed in chambers that follow a natural curvature.

As said, the VSM is not designed to be intense, it is designed to be realistic. When you penetrate the VMS, you don’t feel an intense feedback – you feel a warm sensation that drives you to fuck that rubber pussy slowly, taking your time. Its feedback is soft, but constant. The softness of the material combined with the lube makes the meiki feel as if its melting around your penis. It is a sensation difficult to explain, but it is one of the best sensations you can feel with an artificial vagina.

It is easier to show the internal texture than to explain it… (Photo: Omocha Dreams.com)

Even with all that praise, the VSM is not perfect. This rubber pussy is big and heavy – about 7 inches long, 4 inches in diameter and almost 2 pounds – making it difficult to use as a stroker. When dry, the VSM is floppy and difficult to handle, once wet with lube it becomes ultra slippery and extremely difficult to handle during masturbation. Unlike the Fleshlights, the VSM does not have a plastic case to assist in placing it into a mount, so you have to be creative to be able to use it hands free. It is also too big to use in most dolls – it does not fit in any of the four dolls I have – which is a shame, because personally I would love to be able to place this meiki into any of my dolls to have a great masturbatory experience. How did I use my VSM? I placed on an old pillow, rolled the pillow and stuffed the assembly into the crease of a folded body pillow. That whole ensemble gave the VSM a good support to use it hands free without risking damage to the ultra soft material.

After engineering a support, I could concentrate in enjoying the pleasure that only meikis can deliver. Change the angle of penetration and you have what feels like a different toy. Rotate the toy to simulate different positions and each will give you different sensations. It is like having a different toy every time you turn it. Orgasms are a religious experience with this toy, cumming long and hard in every time I used this toy.

Besides the requirement of engineering a hands free support, meikis have two other drawbacks – cleaning and drying. Since the VSM is a closed toy, cleaning requires some assistance from the user involving scooping fluids out of the toy with your fingers. Drying is another hassle due to the small diameter of the canal. Be prepared to insert a towel to dry the interior and adding some alcohol to speed drying time and avoid mold growth in the interior.

Verdict: The VSM is one of the best masturbators around, even with the difficulties to use and clean it.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 5/5
Tightness: 5/5
Tear and Wear: 5/5
Hygiene: 4/5
Maintenance: 4/5
Use: 4/5
Value: High  The Virgin Sister Meiki is a great sleeve with a few drawbacks.  
Preference: High One of the best overall toys I have tested.

Total score: 37 / 40 

FYI:  No porn was used for this review. Maybe next one…