RPP #200: Paloqueth’s Anal Plug Set

So lets deal with the elephant in the room: Yes, I do put stuff in my butt (for science, I swear)!

If you are a straight guy, you probably do not want anything going inside your butt. We associate male anal sex with being gay, and that label is still a difficult one to deal with if you are Black or Latino man. For us, putting something inside our butts is a sign of weakness, of submission, of being a lesser man. If you putt things in your ass, you are not a “real man”…

If that photo turns you on, then MAYBE you are gay…Maybe.

The reality is that inserting things in your ass has NOTHING to do with your sexual orientation and everything to do with your sexual ENJOYMENT. The anus (and the rectum) has lots of nerve endings that can provide you with the same pleasure given by your penis.  Also, the rectum is the shortcut to stimulate the prostate gland, a small but extremely important gland in men’s sexual lives. Besides assisting in the production and ejaculation of semen,  the prostate is also a pleasure center when properly stimulated. In fact, you can get an orgasm by just stimulating the prostate, something that most of us ignored – and made fun about – until recently.

That said, I had been experimenting with prostate stimulation since a couple of years ago, getting more intense orgasms with some of the toys I have tested. One issue I have found is that enjoying this type of session requires me to prepare myself (better hygiene, more lube) as well as relaxing my body and brain so I can enjoy the experience of such intense orgasms.

Because different toys will give different sensations, I wanted to check Paloqueth’s Anal Plug Set. This is a set of three (3) anal plugs in different sizes, ensuring you will get different sensations while using them. Was using these plugs a good decision? Lets go to the review!

First Impressions

If the presentation of Paloqueth’s Sleeve was good, their presentation of the anal plug set impressed me. For a toy with a listed price below $25 USD, this set simply over delivers right from the box.

First, the kit has everything you need to enjoy anal play. You receive three bulb-shaped plugs in three sizes – one to three bulbs. The base bulb in the three plugs is exactly the same size, but the other bulbs are slightly smaller, making the longest plug (three bulbs) the easier one to insert since it dilates your anus in a progression. The plugs are ergonomically designed with a teardrop T-shaped handle at the base. The handle works as a stop – something CRUCIAL when dealing with anal toys – that avoids the toy to get too far into the rectum (and an embarrassing trip to the ER). The plugs are made of platinum cured silicone, a safe material to use internally and that can be easily sanitized.

That by itself is great, but the set also includes accessories that are as important as the plugs. The kit includes a lube shooter – a syringe type item that helps you to lubricate the rectum – , a thin tube enema bulb to clean the rectum before and after your anal play, a lubricant tube (you will need more than that, but hey, the intention is what counts), and a bag to store your kit. The accessories by themselves could cost you up to $16 USD, so the kit is providing you a lot of value right there.


It took me a while to test this toy because, being honest, I am not a big fan of inserting things in my ass. It has nothing to do with Latin “machismo”, but more with the preparation and after care you need to do when inserting things in your backdoor entry. For this type of play, you need to keep the butthole extra-clean, meaning you should have a good scrubbing between the cheeks and use the enema bulb to at least flush the rectum. For me, the enema is kind of too much hassle, so I limit this kind of play to maybe once every two weeks to keep that prostate in top shape.

I know guys who have NEVER cleaned between the ass cheeks because “that’s gay” – so you can imagine…

The lube shooter is a heaven’s sent. It definitively ensures your rectum is well lubed – and believe me, you WANT LUBE!  The rectum is very delicate and the last thing you want is to irritate or lacerate that area. DO NOT SKIMP WITH LUBE!

Buy it by the drum!

Once lubed, I used each plug in separate sessions. The plugs are made of silicone, so they have a good firmness, necessary for anal play, while the rounded shapes assist in the insertion process and make the plug more pleasurable. As mentioned before, the longest of the plugs is the easier to use for beginners since the bulbs’ size progression helps the anus to get used and expand as you insert the plug. Also, the three bulbs plug will hit the prostate (14 cm = 5.5 inches), making the session and the orgasm a lot more powerful.

The two bulbs plug (11.4 cm = 4.48 inches) is more challenging, since the smallest bulb has a girth of 3 inches – almost the girth of an average penis. It is long enough for prostate stimulation, but it will require you to be more experimented in anal insertions.

The single bulb toy is for advanced users of anal toys. The bulb’s girth of 4.7 inches is the girth of an average adult penis, so you need to be really experimented to put this one in. Since it is just 3 inches long, it really does not guarantee prostate play (the prostate is between 3 to 4 inches inside the body), but it will be more than enough for guys looking for anal pleasure.

My personal favorite was definitively the 3 bulb plug. Insertion was easy and it hit the prostate giving me explosive orgasms when used in sessions with another toy stimulating my penis.

Cleaning is very easy. Since they are made of platinum cured silicone, you can use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean them. You can go further and sanitize them by using disinfectants if you wish to share them.


If you are in the market for a good quality anal toy that does not break the bank, you must consider the Paloqueth Anal Plug Set. It provides sizes for all levels of users, it is made of body-safe materials, and includes everything you need to explore the taboo of anal pleasures. What else do you want?

Score: 20 / 20

Intensity: 5/5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: N/A

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Available at: Paloqueth.com

You can purchase the Anal Plug Set  HERE – or you can check Paloqueth’s whole catalog HERE.

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