RPP #202: Fleshlight’s LADY BIGFOOT

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I will test any toy that reaches my lair. I have tested from reproductions of porn stars vaginas to vaginas inspired in animals and even mythological creatures. Believe it or not, I realized I have a bunch of  sex toys that are, lets say, uncommon because they are not inspired in porn stars (or even humans at times).  Elves, anime girls, demons and cyborgs share my room with anthropomorphic bitches, rabbits, and even reptiles.

With that in mind, between today and the end of October I will be reviewing toys and dolls that are inspired in “humanoid” fantasies. I am talking about anthropomorphic animals, cyborgs, demons, elves, and a couple of other things in between. So, to start with the collection of freaks, I will be reviewing the latest addition to the Fleshlight Freaks collection: the  Lady Bigfoot masturbator. Is this toy the missing link or it is just another hoax? Lets go to the review to find out!

Sorry Harry, but I’m fucking your girl…

First Impressions

The first thing you notice is the bulky, meaty pussy lips of this toy. I do not know if Sasquatch / Bigfoot exist, but the artist at Fleshlight did not go crazy with the design. Basically you get a super engorged, humanoid open eagle style pussy lips. Nothing too out there, but still alien looking…

The texture, as shown in the Fleshlight’s website, is a relatively simple one. Just place a string of Mardi Gras beads rolled over your penis and you get an idea of the texture: a series of mid size spheres joined together in an spiral. Rounded structures inside a tunnel usually give a mid-level intensity experience – and this texture is ALL rounded pillows. The tunnel itself is not too tight, giving the impression the toy will allow you to last as much as you want. With that in mind, I grabbed the tallest doll I have, placed the longest wig I could find, lubed the Lady Bigfoot and went to town to test how good this hairy hoe could be…

And this is how I Imagine Chewbacca’s wife…



So, how good is the Lady Bigfoot? I will say I have mixed feelings about this Fleshlight texture…

On the plus side, once you insert your little friend inside this masturbation sleeve, you will feel a pleasurable sensation. The texture welcomes you right away and envelopes you all the time. As expected, the Lady Bigfoot is not too stimulating – it is more of a teaser and caressing sensation than intense pleasure. Personally, I like that because that means it will allow me to have long sessions perfect for edging. If you are looking for an intensity demon or an ultra-realistic texture, the Lady Bigfoot is NOT for you. This texture is for those of you that like having sessions that feel good. Nothing else, nothing more.

On the minus side, the texture resisted me cumming inside it. The Lady Bigfoot would take me close to orgasm during every session, but finishing the session meant me basically stroking desperately with the toy. At one time, I even thought it was me – after all, I am not that young anymore and the medications I take tend to have weird effects on my little friend -, but no, it was not me. I switched to another toys – Bad Dragon’s Sugar Star and Snowball – which confirmed my theory that the Bigfoot was a teaser.

Besides the inconvenience of having to use the Fleshlight as a stroker to reach orgasm (I prefer using them hands-free), the Lady Bigfoot provided me with something I enjoy. This toy allowed me to have the longest sessions I ever had with a Fleshlight, with the average session lasting about one hour. The orgasms with the Lady Bigfoot were brutal and deep, mostly because I had been fucking that meaty pussy for an hour. Orgasms with this toy are like searching for Bigfoot in real life – you have to be extremely patient and take your time to get it!

Like all other Fleshlights, the Lady Bigfoot is easy to clean. Just place it under any faucet, let the water run through it and let dry. Or use an antibacterial toy cleaner fluid. Your call…

Something I would like to bring to the review is how quickly this Fleshlight became sticky. I do not know if the guys at Fleshlight changed the elastomeric formula, but this never happened with my other Fleshlights. Just saying…


The Lady Bigfoot is a freaky looking toy, but the texture is a good one for those enjoying long sessions and / or being teased. If you and your partner are into teasing sessions and orgasm denial, this is a toy you should consider adding to your collection.

Score: 18 / 25

Intensity: 3/5

Feedback: 4 / 5

Value: 4 / 5

Realism: 2 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Available at: Fleshlight.com


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