RPP #203: Luvkis 12-Speed Wand

I have a  love-hate relationship with vibration-based toys. Some of them, like the Cobra Libre, keep me just at the edge but never allow me to finish. Others like the Rock Box can be a little bit too difficult to use. Wands, for the most part, are designed to provide stimulation to a single specific point – something that really does not work with many guys, myself included. Still,  when the friends at Luvkis offered me to pick one of their toys for review, I quickly picked their 12-speed wand. Why? Because I am always looking for that magical toy that allows me to bust a nut without me moving a muscle!

Was I able to reach the mythical lazy orgasm? Lets go to the review to find out!

First Impressions

To be honest, I expected a heavier package when I received the item from Luvkis. The 12-speed Multispeed Magic Wand Vibrator is a relative mid-sized wand and surprisingly light. The packaging is elegant, and custom branded, something that add class to a toy in the below $30 range.

Inside the box, you find your new wand nicely nestled in a foam cradle. The wand is encased in platinum cured silicone, so it is safe to use and easy to clean. It has just three buttons – a power button, a pattern cycling button, and a “high speed” button that ramps the vibration up to 9000 vibrations per minute. Below the wand, you will find a magnetic USB charging cable, a multilingual instruction booklet, and a discreet storage bag. Just by looks, this wand makes a nice gift for the price.

When turned on, you will see a bright LED display showing the pattern in use (1-12 or HH for the “turbo” option). The wand is pretty strong and surprisingly quiet for the perceived power. Cycling though the patterns is pretty easy – and right away, you will find a couple of patterns catching your attention. Of course, the wand comes partially charged, so I connected the charger and waited until it was fully charged to experiment with my brand new wand.


For this review, I used the Luvkis wand in three different ways: by itself, inside of a masturbator, and tied to a silicone masturbator.

Using the wand by itself

As a guy, I find using vibrators a little bit uncomfortable. It is nothing to do with the “taboo” or the “prejudice”, it is simply that vibration by itself does not make me cum. As mentioned before, many of the vibrating toys I have tried basically take me to the edge but never finish the job, forcing me to either finish by hand or with a sleeve. Wands are the occasional exception to the rule thanks to attachments designed to extend the vibrations along the penis – either the head or the shaft.

Deciding on how to use this toy…

Right away, that became a challenge. The Luvkis wand is smaller than your typical Magic Wand, therefore, the standard accessories are too big for its silicone head. I basically rubbed the vibrating wand along the shaft of my little friend and, although it felt great, it never got me even close to cumming. I found the wand very powerful – and that was precisely the issue. The vibrations are pretty strong, which users liking intense sensations will definitively appreciate, but personally, I like more subtle experiences. By itself, this wand is unexpectedly strong, so if you are looking for a delicate toy, this is not for you…

On the other hand, I tested this toy with a female friend and she LOVED IT. Because I used it on her while she was blindfolded, she even thought at the beginning that I was using one of the very expensive wands. When I showed the toy to her, she went right away to Amazon and purchased one in purple!

Using the wand inside a masturbator

Of course, being the professional masturbation master I am, I decided to be a little bit creative and placed the Luvkis wand inside my trusted Fifi masturbation sleeve. The first session was really interesting since the masturbation sleeve transferred the vibrations all around my penis. That changed my experience with this wand in a 180 degrees. The different patterns engulfed my little friend and, unlike other vibrators, it made me reach my orgasm within 20 minutes of starting my session.

That experience turned me to try other options with the Fifi / Luvkis wand combo. I included some marbles to the mix (placed inside the Fifi cover) and I experienced a religious experience. The vibration makes the marbles “dance” and the random movements all around your penis are something unique and totally unexpected. Those were maybe the fastest sessions I had in years, cumming in less than 5 minutes!

Using the wand tied to a masturbator

The last way I used this wand was tied to my Natasha masturbator from Bad Dragon (more on that one later). Just like with the Fifi, the masturbator transmitted the vibrations all around my penis, but in a very different way. The Natasha is a big chunk of silicone, so the placement of the wand will make a difference on how you feel the vibrations. My favorite placement was a s close as possible to the entrance, so the Natasha’s “overhang” massaged my testicles. The silicone sleeve muted the vibrations and in a way, changed the sensation to an oscillatory type of stimulation. This is definitively an arrangement I will use in the future!

Charging, cleaning and storage

When we deal with electrical toys, charging, cleaning and storing them become critical issues. You want to be able to use your toy when you desire – and you want that toy to last.

I found the Luvkis wand charging time to be adequate for the play time it provides. Fully charged, the wand gives around 2 hours of play. Connected to a computer’s USB port, the wand took around 2 hours to charge, but using one of those outlet adapters, charging was reduced to around 75 minutes – either way a positive proportion of charging / play time.

Magnetic charging ports on the wand.

Cleaning is pretty easy thanks to the silicone exterior. You can clean the head of the wand with soap and water after play time( use a damp cloth to do this. DO NOT SUBMERGE THE TOY IN WATER OR USE THE DISHWASHER!). You can use the included bag to discretely store the wand and its cable then placing it in a drawer or other spot.


The Luvkis 12-Speed Wand is a surprisingly powerful wand in an accessible price spot. The wand is small, light, and relatively quiet, perfect for personal or couple use. Thanks to its silicone exterior, it is safe to use by itself or in conjunction with other toys that do not react to silicone. I found it extremely useful in kink scenarios due to its size and light weight. Definitively a toy you should consider adding to your collection!


Weight : 5/5

Handling: 5/5

Power: 5/5

Playtime / Charging Ratio: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Total Score: 25/25

Where to buy it

You can get your own Luvkis 12-Speed Wand by visiting Luvkis’ Amazon Store. Use code KTRRGNZN for a whooping 30% discount!