RPP# 206: BLEWIT! V2

When I see a sex toy promising to “help you improve your sexual stamina” and “develop a better understanding of what your body is capable of”, I take note and order it ASAP. This was the case with the BlewIt!, a toy started in Indiegogo a couple of years ago promising to help its users to learn about “pleasure training” – basically taking your time when you jerk off . I already have a black belt on the art of Mindful Masturbation Jutsu, but I always welcome the chance to add more tools to my “training routine”.

“There are the two fingers I’ll use on you…”

Is the BlewIt! a good training tool or it has been over hyped? There is only way to know, so lets go to the review!

First Impressions

I ordered the BlewIt! on PinkCherry, one of my favorite sex shops during one of their sales. You can buy it directly from the brand’s website for around $70, placing it on the premium level of masturbators.

The packaging of this toy is unique – instead of a can or a tube, you get an octagonal prism that open on the side. It is elegant, but at the same time a little bit too gimmicky for my liking.

The toy though is like nothing I had seen before. The general concept is the usual TPE sleeve inside a plastic case, but the differences in designs are what makes The BlewIt! a different animal. To begin, the case is not round, but in a spiraling octagonal prism shape. I do not who told the designer that sharp edges were ergonomic, but whatever…

Sleeve and cover designs (BlewIt.com)

Besides the case shape, there are two other innovations in the BlewIt. One is the design of the bottom end cap. Unlike other toys, the BlewIt has a bottom cover that is slightly elevated and an open “grill” design. These are to allow the sleeve to dry with air circulation in a relatively discrete way.

The second innovation is on the upper end of the toy. The BlewIt has a flip top that allows you to do three things: change the suction from medium to maximum, cleaning the toy without needing to remove the sleeve from the case, and , with the grill on the bottom base, provide air circulation to dry the sleeve discreetly. Those unique design components make the BlewIt an interesting type of toy to try.

With all these innovations on the case, I was expecting to have something special at the sleeve – but no, the sleeve is basically your typical TPE sleeve. It has a cool frosted white color and it s super soft, but that is it. The orifice is a non-sexual orifice, and the texture is your common combo of dots, ridges and waves. The kit included three rings you can use to tighten the sleeve, but I found them too difficult to put in place, so I ignored them altogether. With that settled, I lubed the toy, lubed myself and went to blow a couple of loads into this toy.


Have you ever fucked a fat pussy? I am talking about those pussies that are plump and swollen, those engulfing your penis and making it feel as if you are fucking a firm pillow. Yes? So then you will love the BlewIt, because that is exactly how it feels with suction.

BlewIt Sleeve orifice

The BlewIt! texture is not revolutionary, but it works perfectly with the suction and the material to give you that engulfing sensation that is extremely pleasurable. Adjusting the pressure by loosening the end cap will give you more of the texture, but at full suction, it is a pure pleasure experience.

My sessions with the BlewIt were maybe the best ones I had in the year, with deep orgasms and massive loads. The sleeve did its job, working with the suction to give me long, satisfactory sessions. This really goes hand in hand with their promotion of “mindful masturbation” and “pleasure training”.

Now, something about the case. I love the unique design, but please, DO NOT tell me is ergonomic. One of the first things about ergonomics is to avoid pressure points created by sharp edges and the case on this toy has too many of those edges. Fortunately, I used the BlewIt as a hands free toy, so the case shape became immaterial.

BlewIt sleeve

Cleaning the toy is just like any other open ended toy, with the difference you do not need to take off the sleeve from the case. Just flip the “pressure valve” and flush the toy with running water. the water spouts out through the valve opening. Then place the bottom cap and leave the toy to drip and dry discretely.


The BlewIt makes valid its promise of helping you with mindful masturbation and pleasure training. It is a toy for those wanting a long orgasm buildup, so if you are looking for a quickie, you should look elsewhere.

Score: 22 / 25

Intensity: 3/5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Maintenance: 5/ 5

Available at: Pink Cherry (Non Aff), Blewit.com (Non Aff)

Model: Aoi Himeno (Kanojo Toys $)

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