RPP #208: Reluxe’s Moon Light Cup

It is mid January, and if you are like me, you are partially broke after the Holidays. You just paid all those credit card bills and your bank account is just staring at you with this “Why? Why? WHY?” expression…

Well, even broke guys get horny – and some of them enjoy using toys, but cannot afford spending $80 in a rubber pussy. That is where Kuudom and their Reluxe series of cups come to mind. With a price just below $12, they are the perfect toy for those horny and broke…

But are they good? Lets find it out on the review!

First Impressions

I got the whole Reluxe series from Toy Demon during their latest Black Friday sale for less than $70 – have in mind a single Fleshlight cost $75 and the typical meiki is around $60. The series consists of six reusable masturbation cups – each one with an unique texture and sensation set.

Although I got all six, I decided to test the Moon Light cup first due to its product description. According to Toy Demon, this cup is “Normal / Tight / Rough / Entwine” and, I do not know about you, but I like tightness!

It even looks pretty…

The toy is a clear TPE sleeve inside a plastic cup – nothing too special here. The special parts come in the intricate design of the texture, with a series of spiraling ribs followed by realistic ridges all inside a tight tunnel with three choke points. You can view all the action happening inside the toy thanks to its crystal clear material – so you can see your little friend being choked to the point of vomiting during your sessions.

Look at that texture…

The cup includes a lube sample in a cool looking dome pouch. The lube itself is very slippery, allowing you to complete a session without reapplying. That said, I lubed up and went inside the moonlight and its tight tunnel.


I had been using the Moon Light for a little more than a week and I have to say these are the best $12 I have spent!

The cup is TIGHT – even for me and my below average little friend. Once you prepare the cup – lube and removing the small seal on the case – you insert in easily, but the suction is brutal right at the beginning. I felt my penis was inside one of those pumps, because whenever I removed myself from the toy I could hear the “pop” and my penis looked bigger and fatter than when it went inside the toy.

Besides the suction, the texture works great. The Moon Light is a little bit aggressive for such a tight tunnel, but the material is soft enough to work with you.

You can use the sleeve by itself, eliminating a little bit of the suction and allowing for more expansion of the material. If you can use the sleeve as an insert of a doll (as I did), you will feel the ribbed texture working with the choking points. I really loved that combination, going hard on this cheap toy and finishing each session with strong orgasms.

Cleaning is very easy, just flush the content with water and dry it completely before storing.


The Reluxe Moon Light was a great surprise to start the year. For just $12, I got a reusable cup that is super tight, has a nice texture and gave me intense orgasms better than the ones given by sleeves 5 – 6 times more expensive. I will be reviewing the other cups from this series in other posts, but definitively, the Moon Light is a keeper!

Score: 24 / 25

Intensity: 5 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Maintenance: 5/ 5

Available at: Toy Demon ($)