RPP #209: Reluxe’s Space Walk Cup

January is finally over and my wallet is getting back to normal (whatever that means). Still, money is tight, so today I will be reviewing another one of the cups from the Reluxe series. Today I am going to become an astronaut and do a Space Walk…

I enjoyed the Moon Light, so will I enjoy walking in space? The only way to know is going to the review!

First Impressions

Just like the Moon Light, I got the Space Walk from Toy Demon during their November’s Black Friday Sale. I got it for around $10, but the regular price is just shy of $12, so you can purchase many of these toys for the price of a common Fleshlight.

The Space Walk is described as “Hard / Tight / Rough / Springy”, so I was expecting a similar ride to the Moon Light. Like the Moon Light, it included a lotion sample. The sample comes in a domed pouch and the lube itself is very slippery, allowing you to complete a session without reapplying.

This series has clear TPE sleeves inside a plastic cup. Both the sleeve and the cup have small ventilation holes, which allows you to have some control on the suction created inside the sleeve. The sleeve design is pretty intricate, with a spiraled entry followed by rows of bumps, all ending in a head exciter. The sleeve is busy and tight, so I was expecting a rough and intense ride.

That said, I lubed up and went inside the moonlight and its tight tunnel.


After using the Space Walk, I have to say I LOVE THIS SERIES!

When you find a toy that is relatively cheap and gives you these brutal orgasms, you have to love that toy. The Space Walk is tight and a little rough, but when you lube it right and go slowly in it, you understand why they named this toy Space Walk.

Once I found a rhythm when using this toy, I COULD NOT STOP. The pressure of the sleeve and how good it felt on my little friend, did not allowed me to stop pumping this sleeve. If you want more sensations, just block the vent hole and you will feel you had stuck your penis in a vacuum cleaner hose.

Cleaning is very easy, just flush the content with water and dry it completely before storing.


The Reluxe Space Walk confirmed my hunch this series was a great purchase for the price. Tight, with lots of texture, and a suction rivaling a Hoover vacuum (not that I know anything), the Space Walk is yet another keeper!

Score: 24 / 25

Intensity: 5 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Maintenance: 5/ 5

Available at: Toy Demon ($)