RPP #210: Paloqueth’s Penis Vacuum Pump

Being honest here, I already reached that age when men require some “help” to get fully functional – if you get what I mean. After 40, testosterone levels go down, conditions start to flare up on the regular, and you need to take medication that affects how your penis works.

My good friends at Paloqueth know that I am that age bracket of men and offered me to review their electronic vacuum pump. Hey, it is not that I NEED it, but I try anything that allows me to enjoy time with my mini-me…

So, is the Paloqueth’s Penis Pump a good choice? Lets find it out on the review!

First Impressions

As it is usual with Paloqueth products, the Pump came through their Amazon store – with the typical smiling box. Inside, there was a plain black box with the Paloqueth’s logo and no other indication of what was inside. Inside, I found the pump, two silicone insertion sleeves, a USB charging cable, and your obligatory instruction manual. Simple and straight to business!

The pump’s controls are simple – three buttons. One button to turn on and increase the suction power, another button to lower the power and turn it off, and a third to open a quick release valve to remove your penis from the pump. The pump has four power levels, changing how quick the pump creates a vacuum.

With that said, I cleaned the clear tube, installed one of the sleeves, and charged my new pump.


After 45 minutes charging, the pump was ready to use (it comes partially charged). It is really recommended that you lube the entrance of the sleeve and your little friend, so I did exactly that and pushed my little friend through the 1 inch diameter hole.

My first use of the pump, I turned it on on the lowest speed and was pleasantly surprised how quick the pump created a vacuum. When I felt I had a good vacuum, I turned the pump off and kept myself inside experiencing how my penis got hard as hell inside the acrylic tube. As suggested, I kept the suction for about 10 minutes until I got super erected.

Now, every single penis pump in the market will promise to make your penis larger – and in a way, they are all lying. A penis pump, no matter how hard it sucks, will not make your penis 3 inches longer.

What penis pumps do is helping your penis to get the blood flow needed to get and maintain an erection. You will get a slight increase on your penis length and girth – maybe up to 1/4 of an inch in length (if you are lucky), but your penis WILL get erect to its totality and it will look and feel thicker thanks to the increased blood inside your little friend.

If you have erection problems, these are great news. The pump acts quickly and keeping yourself inside for 10 minutes basically makes your penis grow to its maximum length and girth, feeling heavier than usual. I felt my penis heavier and ready to break a concrete wall with it if needed…


When I was ready to “use” my penis, I hit on the quick release button, removed myself from the device and continued to do my business. I tried the other speeds in subsequent sessions, getting quick erections and maintaining them without issues. The only time I lost my erection was when I took my painkillers and took 25 mg of CBD (1,000 mg product). I would say that was an extreme case – try that and tell me you are able to stay hard… (Forget that, try to stay awake!)

Playing with the pump

Personally, I DO NOT consider penis pumps as sex toys. Their main purpose is to assist you in achieving an erection, but that does not mean you cannot have some fun playing with it. There are a couple of “games” you can play either alone or with your partner.

Playing alone, I used the pump as part of an edging session. Basically, I alternated using the pump and keeping the pressure for 5 minutes, then releasing and using a masturbation sleeve for about 10 minutes. To “time” myself, I watched a selection of porn clips with those approximate times. The result was an impressive ejaculation after more than 90 minutes of play. (Not bad for a middle age guy!)

A variation of that game – which you can play with a partner – is to have a vibrating prostate massager. Listening to music, I would use the pump for 2 songs (about 8 – 10 minutes), switch to the prostate massager vibration for the same duration, then just play with your partner for 10 minutes without touching your genitals. The more physically relaxed you are while playing this one, the more you will last and the more explosive your orgasm will be.

Of course, your imagination is the only limit you have, so be creative and enjoy!

Cleaning and maintenance

Like every electronic toy, this toy requires some care when cleaning. The best part is that this pump is easy to disassemble in three parts: the electronic controller, the tube, and the insertion sleeve. Once you disassemble, wipe the controller with a paper towel if needed and wash the other two pieces.


Paloqueth’s Penis Pump is a great value for those looking for a quick way to get a harder erection. This pump is strong and quick to create a vacuum even in its lowest setting. Of curse, it is not limited to helping with erections but it can be used as an integral part of your playing arsenal… just don’t keep your little friend inside the vacuum for too long!

Score: 25/25

Weight : 5/5 The pump is light and stays in place with minimal effort.

Handling: 5/5  Simple operation, with uncomplicated controls.

Power: 5/5  Four speeds of powerful suction. Enough said!

Playtime / Charging Ratio: 5/5  Two hours of play for two hours of charge. Believe me, you will never need the two hours of play…

Value: 5/5 Less than $50…

Available at: Paloqueth (Non-affiliated)

Waifu: DS Doll 163 cm / Kayla head (Non-affiliated)