RPP #212: Fleshlight’s SILK (Ana Foxxx)

I had no idea who Ana Foxxx was until Fleshlight launched the SILK texture inspired on this Ebony goddess. Even today I would be lying if I say that she is my favorite porn star. What I can say is that Ms. Foxxx is one of the most attractive Black performers I have seen in a while.

Looks good, right?

That said, is the SILK a good Fleshlight? You know the drill, so LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

You know the drill with the Fleshlights, so I won’t bore you with the details. The first thing getting my attention about this texture is obviously the dark, rich chocolaty color. Ms. Foxxx has a very dark skin and Fleshlight duplicated her skin tone almost to perfection. The second thing getting my attention is the pussy mold. It has semi-spread eagle lips, making it attractive and welcoming.

The SILK texture (Fleshlight)

All that is great, but what about the texture? Looking at the design, it is difficult to predict what sensations this toy is going to give. Fingering it, I realized it was going to be a roller coaster between its tightness and the intensity after the first three inches. The interesting thing was the smoothness of the texture – a combination of intensity and what I like to call “enveloping” sensation. Just my type of toy…

That said, I lubed up and went inside this dark chocolate rubber pussy!

Just like this guy did!


The SILK is a weird combination between smoothness and power. The texture welcomes you and right away the variable width of the tunnel squeezes your penis. It is a gentle but noticeable squeeze – constant but there. The deeper you go, the more intense the sensations thanks to the cone-shaped bumps your penis is going to encounter after the 3-inch mark.

The SILK is one of those textures that will feel completely different depending on how tight you set the end cap. Closed tightly, the SILK is temperamental, creating a vacuum that fights you, even “spit you out” during use. Open the end cap a little bit and the texture will welcome you, keeping you on the edge for as long as you want. Take off the end cap and be ready for a powerful mix of sensations, mainly tightness and lots of soft pinching along your shaft.

Orgasms with the SILK were in the top scale, specially when I played with the end cap tightness – starting half tighten and tightening it as I got closer to climax. Once I felt closer to cumming, I would open the end cap almost completely and the intensity would ramp up making me cum buckets. A little bit messy at times, but very, very satisfactory!

As with any other Fleshlight, cleaning is very easy – just flush the sleeve with running water and let it dry completely before storing.


The Fleshlight SILK feels really good. The visual of penetrating a nice dark brown toy joined with the sensations make this toy a must buy if you are a Fleshlight fan.

…and she is kinky too!

Score: 24 / 25

Intensity: 5 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 4 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5/ 5

Available at: Fleshlight ($)