RPP #214: Fleshlight’s TRUE LUST (Kendra Lust)

When we talk about MILFs, we have to include Ms. Kendra Lust in the conversation. With 41 years of youth, a petite 5’4″, a face (and body) to melt steel, and a massive 34DDD pair of reasons, she is the perfect MILF, so she having her own Fleshlight was just a question of when.

If you don’t react to that look, you are DEAD inside (or impotent).

That said, I like the model… but is the Fleshlight molded in her honor any good? The only way of finding that out is by using this Fleshlight, so LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

The TRUE LUST texture (Fleshlight)

First Impressions

You know the drill with the Fleshlights, so I won’t bore you with the details. When you look at the texture, you see lots of curves and grip points. It promises a good mix of soft sensations with intensity depending where your little friend is able to reach. Since I am on the short side, I expected mostly softer sensations at the glans, but with a nice tight grip at the shaft courtesy of the choke point with a myriad dots. The LUST seemed to be an interesting sleeve to play for long sessions, so I lubed this pussy, lubed my little friend and went into my new MILF friend!


The LUST is the type of texture that welcomes you as you are slipping into it – to then grip your dick as if saying “You will get out when I’m done with you!” The tightness is there, not too strong but just enough to let you know you want to stay inside until you are finished with your business.

Honestly, who wouldn’t be be inside her?

Session after session, I would start them thinking “Hey, I’m going to stick my dick into yet another rubber pussy!” and then, after a few minutes, I would be just making slow sweet love to this texture. The LUST simply feels good, plain and simple. You want to hump it as long as you can because you know the orgasm will be brutal – and brutal they were! Every session with the LUST went for more than 30 minutes and ended in deep, satisfactory orgasms that filled the Fleshlight with my cum and put a smile on my face. Damn, I even needed a vape session after finishing!

And that was without even looking at her videos!

As with any other Fleshlight, cleaning is very easy – just flush the sleeve with running water and let it dry completely before storing.


If you have MILF fantasies, you should get the LUST. With a texture inspired by the curvy Kendra Lust, this texture replicates the sensation of having a mature woman letting you know who is the boss of your dick. With a texture full of curves and tight points, the LUST grips you and forces you to make sweet love to it before allowing you to shoot your load. Greatly recommended!

I never had homework quite like this…

Score: 23 / 25

Intensity: 5 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 4 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Maintenance: 5/ 5

Available at: Fleshlight ($)