RPP #218: Penthouse Pet Hands-Free Adjustable Dual Stroker (Misty Lovelace)

When I was growing up (back in the 1980’s / 1990’s), there were two names synonymous with high-end sexual content – Penthouse was one of them. The glossy magazines were a prized possession in my college dorm, and whoever was subscribed to it (usually with one of those free subscription packages found in campus) would share the magazine with others when he was done “reading the articles”. Of course that was before Web porn changed everything…

What we had before PornHub.

Still today, Penthouse is one of those names associated with sexy women in various stages of undress. Fact of that is companies like Topco Wholesale licensed the Penthouse brand to develop various toys molded after their models. I already reviewed one of them here, but this one is different. This toy is a hands free, double ended toy you can stick to any smooth surface and have your way with either the pussy or ass of a Penthouse Pet.

My new friends and affiliated company HotCherry.co wanted to seal our new business association and sent me the Dual Stroke based on Misty Lovelace – the 27 years old adult star from Texas – for review. Is this a toy worth of the mythical Penthouse name? The only to find out is testing it, so LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

Like most sex toys these days, HotCherry ships their orders in plain boxes that do not publicize what is inside. Once I opened the shipping box I was welcomed by the toy packaging – which is kind of discrete if you ignore the shiny Penthouse logo and the sexy photo on the cover. In one of the views you can see the toy: a 10 inches tall by 3 inches wide cylinder in grey plastic with another Penthouse logo printed on the hard plastic shell.

Once out of the package, the toy is basically ready to use: Just find a clean smooth surface, fix the suction cup, remove the other endcap, lube and enjoy!

Look at those pussy lips!

The toy is basically open ended with a hole-thru design which means the pussy and the ass at each end of the tube have exactly the same texture. Talking about textures, the toy has one with bumps that seemed to have micro ridges on them. I say “seemed” because there is no texture photo on Topco’s promotional material and being honest, the tunnel is too tight for me to differentiate the structures inside. Oh yes, the tunnel is tight, so this toy gives the impression to be perfect for tough, long sessions regardless the hole I decide to penetrate.

That said, the only thing left was lubing this toy, check for a Ms. Lovelace scene at my favorite porn site and fuck this toy!


As I said before, you need a flat smooth surface to attach this toy and the only place I have with those requirements are my bathroom walls, so to the bathroom I went with the toy, lube, and my tablet. This toy is TIGHT, so you need to be fully erect to get into this one. That was easily accomplished by watching one of Ms. Lovelace’s scenes, so I little bit of lube and I was inside the toy from its pussy side. Personally, I like those meaty pussy lips, but after a dozen of thrusts inside it, I wanted to try her backside, so I unscrewed the toy and flipped it so I could penetrate Ms. Lovelace’s asshole. As expected, it felt similar to the pussy side, but I could not complain…

Sticking up to the wall…

Although I was enjoying the toy, the standing position is not my favorite by far – and my Bronx bathroom is small and uncomfortable to be standing up for too long. I decided to take this toy to bed where I could enjoy it at leisure by placing it between one of my dolls’ legs. After removing the suction cup attachment – you just need to turn a wheel to remove it from the case – I re-lubed and took my sweet time with the dual stroker.

Backside up!

When I say sweet time, I mean it. The tunnel is tight, but because the texture is mostly rounded bumps, it is not as extreme as many Fleshlights. Do not get me wrong, the texture gives you control of your pacing and you can always change the suction by changing the tightness of the other endcap. With the endcap fully closed, the suction is high but the texture is less pronounced. As you open the endcap and allow more airflow, the texture becomes more and more noticeable. Even then, the texture is not too intense, giving total control over the sessions.

Orgasm buildup is constant and gradual, giving deep and satisfactory orgasms. Cleanup is easy, just use running water through the sleeve. Just be sure the sleeve is completely dry before storing.


The Penthouse Pet Hands-Free Adjustable Dual Stroker (Misty Lovelace) is an interesting toy to include to your arsenal. If you are a fan of the model – and have a comfortable surface to mount the toy, get ready for an enjoyable hands-free session!

Score: 23 / 25

Intensity: 4 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Maintenance: 5/ 5

Available at: HotCherry.co

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