RPP #219: Smart Stroker (FondLove)

Hands free masturbation is the Holy Grail of male pleasure. Who does not dream of jut lying down while feeling utmost pleasures? My friends at FondLove know about that ultimate goal and they have an offering to try us to achieve our dream: the Smart Stroker (a.k.a the Strong Automatic Thrusting Male Masturbator Cup).

They send me one of these Smart Strokers for review purposes, so is the Smart Stroker my Holy Grail? The only way to find out is testing it, so LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

As usual from FondLove, I received the toy from their Amazon store and, of course, I got it in the typical smiling box. Once I opened the smiling box, a huge box with the toy in its interior was waiting for me. The toy measures a whooping 11 inches long by 3 inches wide – a mammoth of a toy. Still, the Smart Stroker is relatively light making it easily held with one hand.

According to the box, the Smart Stroker has 5 stroking modes, each with six speeds. The toy has a built-in sexy voice, which unlike other toys, the voice has three modes – foreplay, sex, and orgasmic – responding to the speed of the toy. That “sounded” interesting…

The controls are simple and easy. All the controls are on the same panel, easily accessible with a single hand. That is important, because the Stroker includes a suction cup attachment to stick the toy to your favorite smooth surface and experiment with the sensations until you finish inside it.

Of course, you need somewhere to cum in and the toy includes a 5 inches cup with an organic texture. The cup is divide in two sections, one simulating vaginal sex and the other feeling like a blowjob. The cup thrusts around 2.5 inches per stroke, giving enough sensations for most guys.

The toy is charged by a standard micro-USB cable (included) and if you want to use the voice feature, you need to connect headphones on the jack next to the charging port to be able to listen to them.

With nothing left for first impressions, the next step was charging the toy and lube up this joint!


After charging for about 30 minutes (it was partially charged), the Smart Stroker was ready for its maiden use, so I turned it on and fired up the first pattern…

Nothing would prepare me for that rodeo!

When FondLove described the toy as “strong”, I thought they were just using standard promotional blah, blah, blah. They were NOT KIDDING. This toy IS strong and powerful! I was holding it like I used to hold the Vorze, but this new toy was like a bronco horse that is pretty pissed off.


Since it was almost impossible for me to enjoy the strokes, I decided to place it between the legs of my heaviest sex doll (80 lbs chunk of silicone). Believe it or not, the Smart Stroker SHOOK the doll as if it was made of Jell-o. Hey, it was sexy as hell to see this doll shaking and rattling on my bed and I was able to enjoy the sensations given by the cup for all 10 minutes I lasted. This thing is a beast!

I did not give up so easily, so I attached the included suction cup and went to the only place in my studio with smooth surfaces: the bathroom. There I took a second chance on the beast and thanks to the awkwardness of my small bathroom, I endured the brutal power of this toy for some incredible 15 minutes. The Beast simply did not allow me to have my regular 45 minutes sessions – and that was a little bit frustrating.

“Maybe you had it on the higher speeds…” I thought the same, but no, no, no…the Beast was in the LOWEST speed. This toy is simply very powerful…

I heard an evil laughter from this thing…

Do not get me wrong, the Beast felt great… It is that I prefer more slower, delicate stimulation. The Smart Stroker is made for those guys wanting an intense, almost out of control experience. Even the voice tries to keep up with the power of the Smart Stroker, always being just a notch slower than the stroker speed. Even when I am not a big fan of moaning loops, the fact that the speed of the loop changed with the speed and that you have three loops to choose from, made the experience a super interesting one. Of the patterns, I ended preferring two with pauses between the strokes and some variation on the stroke depth. This is a toy for those days when I want to feel roughen up by a toy – not my go to, but an interesting toy for those days I feel like a masochist!

Cleaning the cup once finished is very easy since the cup is removable. Just clean as you would clean any closed ended sleeve.


The Smart Stroker is a toy perfect for those guys looking for intense and “rough” sessions – it is not a toy for everyone, but it IS brutally effective. The fast action works perfectly with a realistic texture that takes you in and does not give quarter. The voice loops add an additional layer of excitement and the fact you can attach the toy to a surface and just endure the abuse will bring the masochist of many guys! Recommended if you like it hard and furious!

Score: 25 / 25

Intensity: 5 / 5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5/ 5

Available at: FondLove

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