FondLove Breast Toy

RPP #222: FondLove’s Breast Toy

TL;DR Summary

  • Nice pair of C-cups with a vagina between the breasts
  • Organic texture in the vagina tunnel
  • Requires a little bit of work to clean properly
  • New definition of “titty fuck”!
  • Available at: FondLove

No matter how you call them – breasts, titties, tetas, bazoongas, puppies, cans, melons, lemons – the important thing is that we love them. When we see a lady with a nice rack, we tend to look and check them. And before you bring me the “respect wahmen” thing, I look but I NEVER touch without permission!

Consent isnt sexy is necessary

Now, my friends at FondLove sent me a nice looking pair of breasts to play with, so with their consent, LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

At first glance, these are a nice looking pair of breasts. They are not too big, so I can hold them with only one hand (I know, I have massive hands), but the pair of C-Cups are jiggly and inviting with a lightly colored pink aureola.

Breast toy dimensions

So far, they are your average breast toy with a consistency perfect for some titty-fucking session. But then, you notice something at the base of the toy – a small pussy right between the breast!

Vagina between breasts!
Yep, that is a vagina between a pair of breasts!

The pussy has a lot of detail for such a small size and the canal has an impressive organic texture of dots and ribs. The canal is about 4 inches deep, and seems to be intense enough to make you finish violently inside of it if you do not pace yourself. That said, the toy appear to be a good combo for long “paizuri” sessions with the vagina used to finish or give a change of sensation.

You can see how serious this tunnel is!

That said, I lubed my little friend and stuck it between these cute and gorgeous breasts!


I like the size and looks of this toy, but something I have learned about breast toys is that they can be annoying to use. Positioning the toy at a height that is comfortable for a nice, long titty fuck session can be tricky – and with the FondLove breast toy the story is not too different!

With my health conditions, placing this toy on top of the mattress was not an option. My bed falls a little bit too low for me to stand up without bending my knees or my back, so the position is not very comfortable. Placing it on top of my desk was neither an option – too high in this case. So, what to do?

Even Homer has that issue with Marge…

My collection of sex dolls came to the rescue in the shape of a flat chested soft mannequin I bought for bondage practice. The slim body lifted the toy to the perfect height, so I accommodated the doll with “her” new C-cup breasts in position and slid my small friend between the TPE mounds.

Breast toy on top of doll
Go, go Power Rangers! – Not pretty, but very effective!

I have to admit, it felt better than most of the other breast toys I have. Because the size is slightly smaller, my penis felt nicely tucked between these breasts without the need of pressing them together. Just place a good amount of long-lasting lube in there and slide it in!

I will only show the dick pic if I get $500 in Patreon!

Of course, the stimulation from the breasts was not too strong, so the presence of the vagina with a strong texture was a welcome oddity. Whenever I got bored of the smoothness from the breasts, I would slide my cocktail sausage into the breast’s vagina to change the pace of the session. Inside the vagina, the dots and ridges were very intense at the start but soon became a more subtle sensation. The initial sensation was mostly due to the change from a totally smooth stimuli to a textured one, so when I went back to the smoothness of the breasts, it felt so different… good but different.

Personally, I enjoyed the change of sensations, specially because of the buildup. Because the vagina tunnel is closed, I avoided finishing inside the toy because cleaning a closed toy of this size is often a hassle. Every time I used the toy, I gave the doll a pearl necklace. Or at least a pearl pendant…

Doll in bondage
The bondage is to keep them in place for play…

Cleaning the breasts is easy – any wet cloth would do. Cleaning the closed tunnel can be more trickier, so be advised if you decide to creampie this toy.


FondLove’s Breast Toy is an unusual toy combo. A pair of perfect C cups with a vagina right in between them – the weird twisted fantasy of many guys out there! Still, I have to be the first one to admit this toy really worked for me. The change in sensations between the smoothness of the breasts and the intensity of the vagina forces you to pace yourself if you want to avoid exploding accidentally.

Score: 24 / 25

Intensity: 5/5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 4 / 5

Available at: FondLove

Doll with covered  breasts
Even with a bra, those breasts look gorgeous!