RPP# 224: FondLove’s Automatic Stroker

TL;DR Summary

When you have a condition provoking chronic pain, there are days you want to do nothing – and I mean NOTHING. You do not want to work, or do errands, or even masturbate, which is a little inconvenient when you have toys to review! That said, the medications I take for my conditions have a curious side effect – they make my skin hyper-sensitive, so there I am, incapable of humping my toys because of pain, but with a raging boner because of how sensitive my body is. If only there were toys able to all the work for you!…

Feeling like that, but with a boner…

Luckily for me, those toys exist and my good friends at FondLove have a couple of them in their catalog. They know about my issues (and my interests), so they hooked me up with their Automatic Stroker, a toy having both rotating and thrusting motions to massage your penis and allow you to cum without needing to move a single muscle! As a bonus, the toy also has sexy moaning sounds available on command to supplement your sessions, so when they asked me if I wanted to review this toy, my answer was “Duh!!”.

Is this toy a good one to add to your collection? There is only one way to find out, SO LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

I received the toy right before a trip to a convention, so I removed the rather big box from its Amazon cover box and shoved it into my luggage. Once in my hotel room, I took some time to unpack my new hands-free sex slave.

Auto stroker with Angelic
Well, two sex slaves…

The toy comes well packaged with a standard micro USB charging cable, a lube sample pack, a multilingual instruction booklet (important for this toy), a removable suction cup and of course, the star of the show.

The toy itself is a big chungus, measuring 11 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide. It is not too heavy for a motorized toy, but it feels hefty and durable on your hand. The toy has three operating buttons – a sound button, the power button, and the moving pattern button. To turn on the unit, you keep the power button pressed for three seconds until you see the white light turning on. Once on, you activate the toy by pressing the movement button and right away you hear the toy mechanism whirling and twisting. So far, so good…

I turned off the toy and decided to look at the toy. When you remove the orifice cover cap, you are welcomed by a frosted TPE pussy entrance and peeking through it, you can see a textured cup (very similar to the one in the Rends A10 Cyclone) that as you can guess, is the one doing the work of getting you off. Cool…

The interior of the cup…

To hear the “sexy moaning sounds” you need to plug in your headphones in the jack and you will hear an attractive moaning voice. Unlike other toys coming from Asia, the voice is speaking in English with a decent sultry voice – not the high pitched shrieks common in Asian porn. Still, it is a loop, so I got quickly bored of it but I can understand how many guys out there will find this feature a very attractive one.

The next step was to lube and use my new toy, so I plugged it in to charge and waited patiently until night time when I would finally get better acquainted with my sex robot…


So I allowed the toy to charge for about 1 hour (it comes partially charged from the factory, a full charge takes about 3 hours), poured some lube inside the cup and prepared myself to experience 100% mechanical pleasure.

I have to admit my first session with the Automatic Stroker began with low expectations. After all, this is not my first motorized toy and previous toys used to leave me edging but did not took me to the finish line. For my first session I kept my hopes low, but the toy DID SURPRISE me, making me cum in what felt record time. The cup, with its almost 2 inches diameter, seemed too big for my girth, but as I went through the toy’s 10 programs, I could feel my penis swallowing and filling the cup in a nice way. After a while, I was shooting a fat load into the cup and removing myself from the toy while trying to turn it off.

Remember when I mentioned the importance of the instruction booklet? If you are like most guys (including me), you do not look at instructions. Well, in this case, I strongly suggest you check the booklet BEFORE you use the toy for he first time, so then you know how to take apart the toy for cleanup. Otherwise, you will be like me after my first use of the toy, looking awkwardly at the toy full of jizz and asking myself “How the fuck do I clean this?!”. Of course, after a few minutes, I remembered the booklet, looked in it and realized I had to twist the vaginal opening to remove it, press on the a side partial cover to have access to the cup and then pull the cup out to clean it under the faucet. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

This is easy to take out…

Of course, a single use is not enough. For three weeks, I used the Automatic Stroker in various sessions. I used it by itself while holding it, placed in between a silicone sex doll’s legs, being held by a scaled down doll, by using the suction cup, and even wedged in between pillows – each time, the toy delivered. You want to have insane DRY MULTIPLE ORGASMS? If yes, use this toy and the Anal Vibrator, turning on each toy by alternate turns and you will experience the craziest session of your life. Want to drain your balls? Use this toy with a regular prostate massager. No matter how I used this toy, I ended each session happily drained – without having to move a single muscle!

The Automatic Stroker gave me two hours of play for every charge. Given the intensity of the orgasms provided, it has an acceptable use / charge ratio. Be advised that the toy cannot be used while being charged. As said before, cleaning can be a little bit complicated, but once you get the trick of it, cleaning becomes a breeze.


FondLove’s Automatic Stroker is a must have if you are into experiencing hands-free orgasms. This toy makes mechanical pleasure an art form by itself and a very intense experience when mixed with other toys.

Score: 22 / 25

Intensity: 5/5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 3 / 5

Maintenance: 4 / 5

Available at: FondLove (15% OFF with code 76UXHIV3)