RPP #228: Wands

When you think of wands, the last image coming to mind is a guy using one. Being honest, wands are basically “discrete” powerful vibrators – they were NOT designed for penetration of any type, but to provide powerful vibrations to a specific point of the body. They can be used as body massagers – you know, for muscle cramps and spasms – but they are better known to be used to give earth shattering orgasms to ladies in porn clips.

For example…

Now, they are definitively not designed to be penetrated by a penis and using them on a penis can be awkward and / or very uncomfortable if done the wrong way. They can also be very pleasurable if you use the right one for you, so in this post, I will take on the first “non-traditional” toy for guys: the mighty wand!

Different brands, different styles

For starters, I already have a collection of these toys – and I did not even realize it until putting all of them together for this post! As many of you know, I have a love-hate relationship with vibrators because most of the times they take me to the edge and just keep me there… no orgasm. As oversized vibrators, wands present the same problem to me – some models hit the right way and make me cum like a possessed hose, others simply bore the shit out of me, making my little friend limp after a while. Lets go over my collection of wands and the pro’s and cons of each one…

Love Wand 30 modes wand

This is a generic Chinese model I purchased on e-Bay about 2 years ago to use some “e-bucks” (points given by e-Bay you redeem for merchandise). I did not have any hopes for this toy, but it became one of my favorite wands in my collection.

Love Wand 30

To begin, this knock-off is powerful – freakishly powerful. There is no speed regulation in this sucker, just a button to cycle through a bunch of vibration patterns that feel very similar, but are very effective in getting me off.

I also like the fact that the head of this wand is a soft, removable type, so I can change the sensations by removing the soft rubber head covering and changing it with either an attachment or any other covering (foam, silicone).

Pros: Full size, cheap, relatively silent, can be used for long periods without over heating, removable / customizable head covering.

Cons: Lack of power settings, patterns can seem repetitive, head tends to turn while turned on, cord can get in the way sometimes.

Score: 20 / 25

Health-O-Meter cordless wand

This white / lilac monster was my first ever wand and it was one purchased for medical purposes. I suffer from back and knee problems, so about 10 years ago I purchased this “personal massager” in a Rite-Aid pharmacy close to home and got the weirdest look from the cashier. Yes, I used it for knee massages – and still do.

It was originally white and lilac… now is white and grey

This wand has only two speed settings in constant vibration only. No patterns, no variation, no bells and whistles. The head is non-removable rubber and it is a full size wand. It is also heavy and can be used while attached to the cord. The good things is that it is silent and a mother-fucking work horse. Again, I have this thing since 10 years ago and still works like a charm!

Pros: Reliable, full size, silent, can be used with or without the cord, full sized.

Cons: Only two speed settings, no patterns, rubber non-removable head.

Score: 20 / 25

Generic cordless wand

This other generic wand was a “free gift” gotten after a purchase at Pink Cherry. The wand is totally unassuming – no branding, simple controls, looks cheap. Still it has shown to be a reliable toy.

Generic, but still good!

The toy has 7 different patterns and no power level controls, but it is relatively powerful, charges pretty quickly via a USB cord, and it is light and compact. The head is covered in silicone, but it is not removable and it is on the mid size level, so many attachments wont fit on it. Not the best of the bunch, but a reliable travel wand.

Pros: Light, easy to charge, 7 patterns, silent, powerful, silicone head, inexpensive, cordless

Cons: Non standard head size, no variable speed / power settings

Score: 20 / 25

Wand Essentials Lilac IV

This was kind of an impulse purchase on Extreme Restraints about two years ago. I did not need it, I had no idea of what to do with it, but still I added to the cart… and honestly I am happy I did!

Lilac IV wand

This is a relatively small wand with just 1.75 inches in diameter. It is a corded wand and it is intense – very intense! No patterns here, just a wheel to vary the vibration speed which goes to nice and rumbly to insanely intense, specially if you are using the top of the wand’s head.

Pros: Compact, powerful for its size, easy to control intensity.

Cons: Cord is short, hard rubber head

Score: 21 / 25

Pipedream’s Wanachi Maxi Wand

This is another toy I almost forgot I had. Again, not too much for it, but the Wanachi series from Pipedream has been around for a long time, and the Maxi is a good reason of the reasons why that has happened.

The Wanachi

The Wanachi Maxi is not going to be the best wand around. It is powered by 2 “C” batteries, it has no pattern selection, and its design can be considered boring by many. On the other hand, the Wanachi Maxi is a reliable toy. It is easy to operate, needing just a twist on its base to change the speeds, it is relatively powerful, it is quiet, and the head is covered in silicone, something uncommon on wands on its price range. The vibrations are more on the soothing side than the earth-shattering orgasm type, but it is perfect for long teasing sessions – or to use on messed up knees and shoulders!

Pros: Low price, easy to operate, easy to clean, widely available, silicone covered head.

Cons: Requires batteries, heavy in the hand, so-so vibrations

Score: 19 / 25

Luvkis 12-Speed Wand

This is the only wand I made an in-depth review – you can read it HERE. For a sub $30 toy, this wand is surprising. It is small, but it has a variety of patterns (plus a “turbo-charged” option), it is charged via a magnetic USB cable and it is completely covered in silicone.

Chiquita pero picosa, like my “little friend”

Pros: Small and light, powerful, wireless, covered in silicone.

Cons: Cannot use standard attachments with it

Score: 25 / 25

So there you have it, a quick round down on 5 wands I have been using as part of my toy box for some time, but I never really talked about because I barely used them. That of course changed as soon I started getting the appropriate attachments for these wands – a topic we will talk in the next post!

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