RPP #230: Getting Pegged With A Bombshell

As I mentioned before, this year I am doing “themed” reviews. During June I celebrated a little bit of diversity and now in July, it will be all about toys made in ‘Murica! As a transition – and because we are celebrating the 4th of July-, I will be talking about getting pegged with an American Bombshell…

‘Merica! FUCK YEAH!

If you need to ask, “pegging” is simply when a woman uses a strap-on dildo to fuck her man in the ass. Typically, this guy is a heterosexual guy – he does not like guys, but has no issue with a woman fucking the shit out of him with a fake dick.

Now, depending on who you ask, pegging can be a very erotic activity that will make you a better male lover or it could simply help you to come out of the closet… Personally, I have learned to enjoy prostate stimulation, but in honesty, I have never considered pegging as part of my sexual practices with living women. Why? For starters, pegging requires you to be the bottom – something I often associate with being submissive which makes me feel uncomfortable. Second, women can get very vicious when pegging a guy and I am not in the mood of getting anally raped by a girl…

“You want to put THAT where?!!!

On the other hand, I admit having the fantasy of having a woman playing with your ass, so I have used some of my dolls as “pegging” partners with some anal toys. Today, in honor of Independence Day, I will be reviewing two products from American companies – the Princes harness from Calexotics and the B-7 Anal Probe from DocJohnson. Together with one of my dolls, they allowed me to explore pegging without the risk of being brutalized by an angry woman…

First: The Strap-On Harness

The first thing to consider is the harness you are using. I have a couple of harnesses (most of them free gifts), but my favorite by far is The Princess Harness by Calexotics.

The Princess is a simple harness – basically a padded pubic base with three adjustable waist straps. The base has a exchangeable metal ring with snap supports to keep your “probe” in place, but what I really like about the harness is that the waist straps are adjustable up to 53 inches – in theory even I can use this harness!

I don’t like that smug face of you, Melania…

Being easily adjustable is a plus given the wide variety of body types in my dolls – I have dolls with waists starting at 14 inches – so having accessories I can use with multiple dolls is big plus. I have used this harness with different full sized dolls and it has become my favorite simply because how easy is to put in place and adjust.

Second: The Probe

Of course, pegging is not pegging if you do not have a “probe” to insert. For this review, I picked a toy I had forgotten existed: the B-7 Missile probe from the American Bombshell line by DocJohnson.

This collection is a gimmicky series from the Doc based on anal plugs and dildos “inspired” on ammo and bombs used by the USA military. I got this red missile a couple of years ago on sale to round up a purchase (most likely in Pink Cherry). Since it is a red 7 inches long by 5.5 inches in girth monstrosity, I got the order and tossed it inside one of my toy bins. I completely forgot about it until this spring when I replaced some of my bins and the red missile resurfaced.

Personally, I like the gimmick and the ballistic look on the B-7. Although it is a girthy boy, the tip is simple and easy to insert, so at least I could use it to “poke” myself instead of being fully penetrated by it. So, I installed it on the Princess and put the whole assembly on my girl Melania and went to a wild pegging / poking session…

The Missile ready for “launch”

The Review

I have to admit I enjoyed the B-7 more than I expected. My sessions with this toy were the “CariƱosa” type – I place myself sandwiched between two dolls, one is hugging me from behind while I am humping the one in front of me. I dubbed these sessions “CariƱosas” because I set a slow and deep penetration rhythm that often makes the session to last up to two hours with explosive results!

For the pegging sessions, Melina was behind me with the B-7, just placing the lubed tip at the entrance of my anus. Once in place, I would take Angelica (her “sister”) and have in front of me to fuck her (I used a Fleshlight as the vaginal toy). As I set the pace, the tip poked my anus, never entering more than 1/2 inch but that was enough to make me explode after 30 or so minutes into the session. Every one of the sessions I had with the B-7 ended in a similar fashion – with me panting and the Fleshlight full of cum!


Pegging is not for everyone and I doubt I will ever do it with a living partner. With dolls, it is an interesting practice since it makes you discover sensations you would never experience in any other way. With the B-7 Probe, the experience was fantastic, but I kept the insertion to no more than the tip of the toy since its girth is something I had never tried before. Maybe I will try other probes in the future… maybe…