RPP #239: Chitsu Niku Puni Puni Onahole

A couple of months ago, a reader send me an e-mail related to my opinion about a motorized toy I do not own. In that message, the reader also chastised me about the lack of sleeves / onaholes reviews in the blog. Yep, I had been giving more love to sex dolls, but I do have a bunch of sleeves / onaholes I have not reviewed yet. One of those is the Chitsu Niku pair of toys – the Puni Puni and the Kitsu Kitsu – from Magic Eyes.

Magic Eyes makes toys with crazy designs both inside and outside, so these two toys got my attention thanks to their low price. Are they good? Well, today I will do a quick and dirty review of the Puni Puni version, so, LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

To begin with this toy, I LOVE the packaging. The graphics on the box present you with this kind of sexy tomboy anime girl. looking at you as if she was already disappointed at your performance. As usual in Japanese toys, you get an illustration of the cross section of the toys, showing us that this was one of the first Magic Eyes toys to use the concept of three layers of materials to create unique sensations.

Puni Puni is disappointed of senpai’s size… but still it will do!

The toy itself is relatively small, measuring about 4.5 inches in length by 2 inches in its widest. Also, the toy is open ended, which already points that you will have an experience driven by the texture and not by the suction. The exterior design is classic Magic Eyes, with large orbs and unusual ridges to improve your grip while using this toy. This Chitsu Niku in specific feels soft and springy honoring its Puni Puni name (“puni” = squishy in Japanese) and the design’s inspiration on a young woman.

Yep, 3 freaking layers…

I decided to use my lovely Angelic dolls to test this toy, so I placed the toy inside a plastic sandwich bag, slid it inside the Angelic dolls SPH, used the included lube and went downtown with the Chitsu Niku Puni Puni!


This toy is an interesting one…

I was expecting a soft, long session, but the Puni Puni surprised me. The texture is not too intense, but it makes up with the build up. The squishy nature of the toy results in an invitation to go in a slow tempo to enjoy the organic texture, and as an insert, it is surprisingly effective. The soft material conforms to you, giving your little friend constant stimulus, making you build up impressive and relatively quick orgasms.

As a handheld onahole, the Puni Puni allows you to squeeze it giving more intensity and tightness, but the three layers do not allow you to squeeze too hard. The toy always feel soft and squishy no matter how much you press, giving that tight hand job sensation.

The Chitsu Niku Puni Puni is a small toy, so expect to pop out of the other end. In my case, those times when my little friend popped out of the open end, it just added to the intensity of the session. If you have a monster dick, remember this toy is just over 4 inches, so please do not destroy it!

Cleaning is super easy thanks to its open ended design. The interior tends to stay wet, so drying it manually is recommended.


The Chitsu Niku Puni Puni is a small and inexpensive onahole, but it is a very pleasurable one. The toy is designed to provide mid level stimulation perfect for longer sessions, specially when used as an insert. It would fit perfectly in Japanese sex dolls such as the Love Venus R, Eri Nanjo, Aoi Himeno, or the Angelic Dolls.

Score: 21 / 25 (Good !)

Intensity: 2/5

Feedback: 4 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Chitsu Niku Puni Puni is available at: Kanojo Toys ($), Otona JP ($)

Dolls mentioned available at: Kanojo Toys ($), Otona JP ($)