RPP # 240: Fleshlight ANGEL (Kendra Sunderland)

Eleven years ago (fuck, 11 years already!), I started this blog reviewing a Fleshlight. Back then, they were the main sex toy for men – and more than a decade later, they are still the main sex toy for men! One of the reasons is the regular update of sleeve textures with new models, not only from porn websites, but also including cam girls and even OnlyFans models. They keep up with the “hot” models and this review is about the Fleshlight ANGEL texture – one inspired in the infamous Oregon State University’s “Library Girl” Kendra Sunderland. This blonde bombshell rose to fame doing live cam shows from the OSU library in 2014 -2015 while she attended that school and from there, she hit the porn industry by storm.

Currently, Ms. Sunderland is still a force of nature in the adult industry, and Fleshlight partnered with her to create an interesting texture named the ANGEL texture. Why that name? Well, Ms. Sunderland became famous in the porn industry as one of the Vixen Angels, a group of models hired and promoted by Vixen Studios. Besides that, you just need to look at her face and figure to think you are seeing an angel… (corny, I know!)

Kendra Sunderland
Tell me this is not a heavenly sight! (Photo: FLESHLIGHT.COM)

Is the ANGEL texture one you should consider to add to your collection? There is only one way to know, so LET’S GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

Lets be clear here – you already know what a Fleshlight is. As usual, the orifice is a molded copy of the model’s vulva and Ms. Sunderland’s pussy lips are beautiful. Not too meaty or floppy, they look inviting and wanting to be penetrated.

Angel texture
This is the ANGEL texture (Photo: FLESHLIGHT.COM)

The texture is one trying to be realistic with a mid-level intensity designed for orgasm build up. It starts with a smooth spiraled section, perfect for massaging you meat. Push deeper and you will hit a “cervix” lined with small pointy structures to add some bold stimulation, followed by a section of spiraled flaps to reduce the stimulation and help you to build up serious orgasms. If you are long enough, be ready for the boldest sections of the texture with alternate bumps and a conic section lined with smooth half beads. This intricate texture looks to replicate the sensations you could get from having sex with a woman who wants to excite you and keeping you inside her as much time as you could last…

Obviously, the only way to really know how good or bad this texture could be was to insert my little friend into it, so I lubed this rubber pussy and went to town on the Angel!


This toy is insane!

I love to have longer sessions (anything over 30 minutes is a good session for me), and this texture is PERFECT for those sessions. The stimulation is on the medium level, but it is always present – specially when you use it hands free. For me, the cervical area was the top sensation because once your glans (the penis’ head for those of you who did not pay attention in sex-ed class) hits it, you feel that “pop” surrounding your penis. You go balls deep into the toy and you want to stay in that flappy section because it gives the sort of stimuli that never gets old. It feels natural and organic, but at the same time, you have the cervix pressing around your shaft while the spiraled section at the entrance keeps massaging your shaft in every thrust. It is an increasing pleasure sensation that builds gradually until you cannot hold anymore and explode inside it.

If you want to have a “religious experience”, fuck this toy hands-free while using a prostate massager and set a slow and steady pace. Pair this with a sex doll (I used one of my DS Dolls and my sexy Private Island Beauty during the review period), and the sessions are intense and brutal specially if you are using a prostate massager.


Kendra Sunderland’s ANGEL Fleshlight is perfect for those of you enjoying long sessions with strong build ups. The texture is not a strong stimulation one, but is the texture that keeps you interested in humping it, building that orgasm until you cum like a banshee and start having hallucinations with blonde, bit tittied angels…

Have in mind, it could be Billie Eilish showing her bongadongas (they look fine BTW!)

Score: 24 / 25 (Excellent !)

Intensity: 4/5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Fleshlight ANGEL available here: Fleshlight.com