RPP #241: Fleshlight’s DANGER (Abella Danger)

C’mon man, you know who Abella Danger is! Since her debut in porn, Ms. Danger has become a staple in any real masturbation session. Her petite, fit frame is sexy as hell, and lets not forget her most notable ASSet! Yep, that ASS! Jesus, that is a nice, round ass! Alright, her whole body is hot, but yeah, I do like her ass!

That ASS!

Of course, Fleshlight had to take notice of Ms. Danger and created a texture based on her personality. If you are one of her many followers, then you know Abella Danger is known for her no-holds barred, anything goes sex scenes. Girl on girl, checked. Oral, checked. Two-on-one, checked. Interracial, checked. Kinky shit, checked, checked, and checked! With all these, the DANGER texture has to be insane and needs to be a nut buster, so lets check it out!

Is the DANGER texture one you should consider to add to your collection? There is only one way to know, so LET’S GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

You know how a Fleshlight looks, so no big deal about it. But those pussy lips are nice and inviting, so they deserve some praise!

The texture is why we are here, so let me tell you – it is a crazy looking one! Just looking at the pic below, you can see all the different textures and changes in diameter. Now, one thing all these textures have in common is that they are medium-intensity items that also create suction, so this DANGER texture predicts long sessions with intense, ball-draining orgasms.

As you know, the only way to really know how good or bad this texture could be was to insert my little friend into it, so I lubed this rubber pussy and went to the DANGER zone! (yep, cheezy 1980’s Top Gun reference!)

Nothing to see here, just a hot naked woman!


My dick is a happy nutter…

The DANGER is another of those textures matching their inspiration in ways that you – and your dick – will appreciate. Abella Danger is one of those pornstars that has scenes in which she is innocent, others in which she is a dick worshiper, and many scenes in which she is just a dick destroyer. The Fleshlight she inspired is capable of each one of those things with just changing the suction level with the endcap. Leave the endcap tightly closed, the DANGER is a dick worshiper – not too intense, but sucking your penis in a loving way. Open that endcap just a little, and you will feel the diameter changes and the material reacting to your thrusts. Open the endcap, and you will feel every little change in texture and diameter, and I mean EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. In any of its versions, I enjoyed burying my 5 incher inside this toy until cumming like a madman inside it.

Thank you dear, now swallow it…


Abella Danger’s DANGER Fleshlight is perfect for those of you wanting a toy that is intense in the number of sensations that it gives instead of raw intensity. The DANGER is an addictive toy since you can change the sensations and their intensity with just tightening the endcap and using different types of lubricants.

Kinky Danger…

Score: 23 / 25 (Excellent !)

Intensity: 4/5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Fleshlight DANGER available here: Fleshlight.com