RPP #242: Fleshlight’s CALIENTE (Verónica Rodríguez)

Every time I see a Latina in the porn industry, I like to check her out – specially when she breaks the stereotype of the curvy, big tittied, big assed Latina. When this Latina is a skinny petite Venezuelan with tiny breasts and a small round ass with an infectious smile, that is all I need! This is the case of the Venezuelan firecracker Verónica Rodríguez. With just 5′ 2″ and about 100 pounds (158 cm and 45 kg for you outside the United States), Verónica was added to the Fleshlight roster with a signature texture that is just like her: CALIENTE.

Skinny, hot Veronica…

Of course, being the horny Latino that I am, I had to buy this Fleshlight and test it for you, so LET’S GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

As always, you know how a Fleshlight looks, so I am not going to waste too much time on describing the exterior. What I have to say is how nice and inviting the entrance looks, specially when you notice this is one of those Fleshlights that will accept you at half mast. That already adds points to the score!

The CALIENTE texture

The texture, on the other hand, is a simple array of circular and pill shaped bumps forming spirals. To the uninitiated, this array looks too simple, even boring, but for those of us veterans, this CALIENTE texture is full of promises. THis type of texture guarantees you can enjoy the same sensation regardless of your length – so if you are 5 inches long or 8 inches long, you can enjoy the same sensations. Also, my experience with circular bumps and spirals tells me the sessions with this sleeve are going to be long, with orgasms to be built slowly throughout the session. That is exactly the type of session I enjoy and love, so I was already drooling when I grabbed this toy to review.

I know you want BOTH hot rods! (I’m talking to my doll, not to you!)

That said, I got my lube, enlisted the dolls who would do for Señorita Rodríguez, and got ready to pump this toy…


Did I enjoy the CALIENTE texture?

What do you think?

The CALIENTE is one of those textures that does not look impressive, but once you break it after a couple of uses, it surprises you with layers of pleasure. Use this sleeve with a thick lube like the Kyo (from Motsu Toys) and the texture will feel almost smooth at first, but when it dilutes a bit with your fluids, the texture creates this nice suction while the spiral array massages your little friend. Use a thinner lube like the TENGA, and the massage becomes a teasing experience. Either way, your orgasm builds up until giving you a finish in which you just want to have the energy to do an encore!

Specially when you see that little tight ass…

That is with the endcap tightly close… Open the endcap just enough, and the texture transforms into an accu-pressure massager, rubbing your penis, teasing it, specially in the glans, forcing you to control the pace like the STU. I was expecting that in a way due to the spiral pattern, but after a couple of sessions, it felt more and more similar to the Asa Akira and the Tera Patrick textures, landing right in between those two. The CALIENTE is a little bit more aggressive than the Tera Patrick, but is softer than the Asa Akira. (I should try an orgy session with these three textures in 2022…)

My sessions with the CALIENTE ended in satisfactory orgasms that left me holding the dolls I used as Verónica’s stand-ins wanting more energy to go for a second round, but when you are 49, those second rounds have to wait to another day…


Verónica Rodríguez CALIENTE Fleshlight is a toy for those of us who like to “make love” to our toys instead of “fucking” or “smash” them. This texture is not a delicate one, but it is one designed to be enjoyed for a long time and it is perfect for edging and build up impressive orgasms. If you are looking for playful, hypnotizing intensity, this is a good toy for you.

Don’t know if that one is her, buuuttt…

Score: 24 / 25 (Excellent !)

Intensity: 4/5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Fleshlight CALIENTE available here: Fleshlight.com