RPP #243: Kiiroo’s FeelReya Stroker

Disclaimer: This toy was provided by Kiiroo for review.

I had heard of Kiiroo a while ago, but back then, they specialized in female toys. Later on, they became leaders in what now is known as the teledildonics industry – toys than can be controlled via remote control, either locally (in the same house / room) or remotely (via the Internet). Those toys were very exclusive and very expensive. Recently, teledildonics has evolved and it is a lot more accessible. Kiiroo is still one of the top names, including a whole line of male toys, so when they contacted me to review a selection of their toys, I was honored to do it!

The first toy from the list is one of their recently released strokers. Very similar to the infamous Fleshlights, their toys bring adult stars to your bedroom under the FeelStar line. They sent me the Reya Sunshine model to test, so lets call up the little friend and fuck this pussy!

Initial Impressions

At first glance the FeelReya looks very similar to other masturbatory sleeves. It is made of soft TPE, has the star’s vulva molded, and her signature somewhere on the top of the toy. Like other toys, the plastic case allows you to change the suction level by adjusting the end cap. Still there are some interesting differences…

For beginners, the adult stars in the Feel Star lineup are not the Top 10 names in the business. Yes, they are known adult performers with names on the Top 100 spots, but they are not the first names that would pop out of your mind unless you are their fan. In this case, I honestly had no idea who Reya Sunshine was before I received her toy – and I have to admit it was a shame I did not know who she was!

Introducing Ms. Reya Sunshine

Ms. Sunshine started as a camgirl in 2017 and in 2018 moved to full time porn star. She is very active in social media, having an active presence in YouTube, Instagram, Twitter as well as in OnlyFans and other adult sites. She is obviously hot, and her scenes are good, although a little bit generic.

That said, Kiiroo is known for the high quality of their toys and the Feel line of sleeves look the part. Packaging is top notch and the sleeve is well made. The TPE is on the softer side and the texture seems to be designed to keep you on the edge with rounded textures, rings and a bunch of choke points. I was expecting a mid intensity ride perfect for edging.

The Reya Sunshine Feel texture.


I have to say, the Reya Sunshine’s Feel is an interesting sleeve. The orifice is extremely comfortable to penetrate even at half mast. The sleeve material is very soft and the texture, as expected, has a medium intensity level perfect for longer sessions.

Similar to other sleeves, you can control the suction level with the endcap. At least with this texture, the suction level makes a difference on how the Reya feels, feeling more organic with the endcap fully closed. My sessions with this sleeve produced orgasms that were easy to build and control – I felt the tension building up slowly, allowing me to pace it as I wished. When I decided to surrender and ejaculate, my balls felt completely empty leaving me totally satisfied.

The only drawback I have about the Feel is the case. Unlike other similar sleeves, the Feel’s case has no texture, so if you have lube on your hands, be ready for the toy to slip and slide on your hand. Personally, I would prefer some textured areas on the case, but that is just my preference.


Kiiroo’s FeelStar toy line is a solid challenger to the legendary Fleshlight. With a material that feels softer and more organic, this is a line of toys that must be closely observed – and tested – by any guy who loves playing with toys. The Reya Sunshine has a texture perfect for slow sessions, so if you like to “enjoy” your toys, you should consider this toy!

Score: 24 / 25 (Excellent!)

Intensity: 4/5

Feedback: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Maintenance: 5 / 5

Kiiroo Feel Star Reya available here: Kiiroo.com