RPP #244: Bathmate’s Hydromax 7 – Test Plan

Disclaimer: Product provided for review by Bathmate

Once a man reaches certain age, things change. Our morning erections become less frequent, getting (and staying) hard is more difficult, and we need to learn new tricks on the bed. These are the times when we start using certain “assistive devices” like cock rings and the subject of this review, penis pumps.

Yes, I am reviewing a penis pump – and it is not because I want my little friend to be bigger. My reality is that 1) I just reached my half century of age (yep, I am 50!), so it is normal for my tool to perform differently, and 2) I take various medications that affect my performance. Penis pumps will be more and more relevant in my life, so lets accept it and simply try them…

Don’t be like this guy…

That is why when the people at Bathmate contacted me to check if I was interested in reviewing their products and become an affiliate, I answered YES without a question. I had heard about Bathmate for years, but being honest, never got motivated to spend around $100 to test it. Is this pump worth the price? Is it just hype? There is only one way to know…

The Hype

Penis pumps usually use air pressure to pull blood to the penis, making getting an erection easier and faster. The user will insert his penis in a tube, then use either a manual or an electronic pump to “suck” the air from the tube, forcing more blood into the penis. The practice allows the user to get an erection, but using a pump can damage the penis. You can break capillaries on the penis, or even develop priapism – an erection lasting for more than four hours – which can be extremely dangerous.

Just in case you were absent to Health class THAT day!

The hype around Bathmate products is that they use a different approach. Instead of air vacuum, they use pressurized water. According to Bathmate’s website, the water approach has three main advantages. First, water allows a more uniform pressure to be created around the penis, giving all the veins an equal level of stimuli. Second, using warm water opens the pores allowing the skin to be more flexible, in turn allowing a better erection. Also, the vacuum created by water pressure has less chances of hurting your little friend – given you follow the instructions.

There is another point around the hype: The possibilities of making the penis bigger. That has been one of the promises of all penis pumps, although typically, those size gains are just temporary. Many Bathmate users, on the other hand, have declared getting permanent increase in both length and girth in as short as two months. Being a guy with a small penis, an increase of half an inch is good for me!

The Purchasing Process

Getting a Bathmate is a little bit more elaborated that just choosing a color. They emphasize the fact that you will benefit more if you get the correct size for you. The first step is to measure the penis when erect following their guidelines. Once you do, then it is time to pick the model and power level (there are three) and even watch a video about the instructions. If you decide this is a product for you, then you pay and a couple of days later, you get your shiny new pump delivered to your door.

Testing the Pump – The Plan

Although I have a small penis, I went with their 7 inch model. Why? Because when I measured my little friend, it measured just above 5 inches, which makes the Hydromax 7 the best option. Also, because of the claims made in the website, I decided to the review of this pump in three stages.

Stage One is getting used to the pump itself. Basically, I will use the pump daily for two weeks to check its effect on erectile disfunction. Technically speaking I do not suffer from ED, but due to medications, there are days when getting hard is way too difficult.

In my case: HBP, nerve damage due to injury, and medication side effects…

Stage Two will focus on short term penis size gains. I will use the pump for 30 days, checking any gain in girth and / or length.

Stage Three will be focused in long term gains and I will use the pump for 90 days before writing the review status.

So, stay tuned for the Stage One review by the end of February!