RPP 3.0 #1 – Virgin Maria “Yukina Yotogi” (RPP #53)

So, here we go with the third “season” of the Rubber Pussy Project! And to start with this new series, lets use an unique masturbator – the Virgin Maria “Yukina Yotogi”

General Description

The Yukina Yotogi (“Yukina” from now on) is a moderate size masturbator done in Japan by MODE-design and sold in the US by QueenCat Adult Toys. With a length of about 6 inches and a diameter of about 3, it is a fairly heavy toy for its size – a good signal since often a heavy toy means a toy that can be pounded hard. Also, it is closed, meaning that it should have a decent to good suction.
The Yukina has an unique characteristic: it is a dual firmness toy. Not to be confused with a dual-layer toy (a toy that has an internal layer of material different than the one on the exterior), the Yukina has a firmness that changes as you go deeper into it. The entrance and most of the first half of the toy is soft, then the second half gets a notch harder, changing the whole experience.

Illustration on package of “Yukina Yotogi” (Photo: QueencatAdulttoys.com)

I do not know Japanese, so I have NO IDEA what the illustration taken from the box of the Yukina means. But I know they are showing the following parts of the masturbator’s tunnel:

  • Stage 1: A ridiculously small diameter entrance hole. We are talking about a quarter of an inch in diameter – something that will be ripped open by any average penis. The good part is that the material is stretchy enough for you to enter comfortably, feeling the material snuggling your penis and not strangling it.
  • Stage 2: A curved tunnel covered in the standard small nubs. The material is still soft to make the use a breeze while keeping your penis tightly embraced (remember, Yukina is a “virgin”).
  • Stage 3: A more organic, cervix-like structures made of the slightly harder material. These “cervices”  will present some resistance to your penis’ head and because of their harder material, they will send a completely new and different set of sensations. They also create suction – something you will enjoy in every thrust.

Yukina behaves like a real virgin should behave. The first time with her is kind of awkward, since she keeps spitting your penis out of her hole and making it difficult to go back in. After all, her entry is tiny – just a quarter of an inch in diameter, opening to fit a 1.5 inches diameter into it. The second session was a lot better – she was ripped already, allowing my penis to go in a lot easier. The third session was as good as the second with the advantage of no more ripping at the entrance. Yukina took it all like a champion and passed the test with flying colors, giving me a set of strong orgasms. They were strong enough to force me to stop moving while ejaculating, something that only happens to me with a handful of toys.

Cleaning is not too difficult for a closed end toy. It requires some fingering and running water to clean property, but after a few minutes, Ms. Yukina was clean and ready for another round. I did not even consider turning this masturbator inside out due to the rip at the entrance.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 4/5
Tightness: 5/5   
Tear and Wear: 4/5 
Hygiene: 4/5 
Maintenance: 4/5 
Use: 4/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  35 / 40


The Virgin Maria “Yukina Yotogi” is a good mid range masturbator. Its unique dual firmness combined with its multiple stage stimuli makes it a fun toy to have in the collection. It lost some points due to the entrance rip developed during the second session, but even the most expensive meikis have that problem.

I watched an X-Art video clip titled “Dream Girl” during the stroking session. Nice video and the girl is really a dream to watch. For the second and third sessions I used my C18 “Rosa” as the masturbator’s holder.

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