RPP 3.0 #15: Monster Kakusei (RPP #67)

There is something I will right away about this masturbation toy: IT IS UGLY! So far, I believed that the Fleshlight Zombie was the ugliest design for a masturbatory sleeve, but it took a Japanese company to make me shut my mouth. Magic Eyes, the company behind the Monster G line of masturbators came back to charge with their second line of monstrous looking toys, now with dual layers. The Monster Kakusei was the first one of these toys to reach Casa Casquetero, so  against all common sense, I decided to give a try to this ugly rubber pussy. Was it good? Did I enjoy this ugly pussy? Lets go to the review…

General Description

This masturbator is about 6 inches long by 2 inches width and the materials used in this toy are extremely flexible and soft. It is pretty light in weight, but neither the size or weight of this toy defines it. The Monster series from Magic Eyes share a common theme: They look as  a monster / alien / demon pussy should look. The exterior design of these toys is everything but conventional. You get the pussy  lips, but then you get a combination of warts, thick veins and wrinkles that are completely non-human. If you are a hentai fan (those perverted Japanese cartoons where anything goes), the look will be familiar to you because in those pornographic cartoons, characters could be human, aliens, demons, monsters, robots, or even a combination of those. The funny thing is that no matter the character type, their sexual organs are always humanoid, and they always use them in the same way we humans use ours.

So, the exterior of the Monster Kakusei resembles those hentai-style humanoid pussies, but its interior is designed to please human penises. The tunnel has a completely organic texture – no ribs, dots, or other crap – accompanied by a tight diameter that makes the best use of the texture. The interior layer is just slightly harder than the exterior material, but it is still very soft and flexible, so it accommodates your penis even if you are on the wide side.


After I got over the external look of this toy, (I confess of having sex with women who are as ugly as this toy, so what?), I used the lotion included with the toy and went to business. As soon you enter the Monster Kakusei you realize you are going to enjoy the ride. The material welcomes you in and the texture invites you to thrust softly to make the session to last as much as you want. The material is soft so it allows you to go as deep as you want while caressing your penis with the organic texture. The Monster is a closed masturbator, so you can increase the suction by squeezing the sleeve while your penis is at the middle of the tunnel and avoid the extra suction just by removing yourself from the toy and entering again without squeezing.

The toy has the typical measures for Japanese masturbators, so it fits perfectly on Japanese sex dolls such as the Aki, Eri Nanjo, and  the Love Venus R. When you use the toy with these dolls, be prepared for a more intense session because the vaginal hole tunnel of the doll presses the whole toy, making the texture much more present along the whole length of the masturbator.  No matter what doll I used for the hands-free sessions, the result was the same – a powerful and long orgasm that left me spent but still wanting more.
Cleaning the Monster is pretty easy and does not require turning it inside out.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 5/5
Tightness: 4/5 
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 4/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  38 / 40


The Monster Kakusei is an ugly masturbator, but its ugliness is forgotten as soon you enter it for the first time. For a sub $40 toy, the Monster is a great addition to your collection.


I used the lotion included with the Monster Kakusei for this review. The lube is between Honey Lotion and Gun Oil H2O, being closer in thickness to the later. It is a good lube – and Monster Eyes gives you a good supply of it by giving a 1.5 oz bottle. Something tell me they knew you will feed the Monster regularly!

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