RPP 3.0 #22: Fleshlight’s VNA Girls (V-Force) (RPP #74)

Recently, Fleshlight made molds of four of the most popular VNA Girls: Puma Swede, Gabby Quinteros, Bobbi Eden, and Sara Jay. All these porn stars are older than 30, basically giving Fleshlight a MILF roster of porn-star toys. Originally, the four models were available with the standard Lotus texture, but a backlash from the Fleshlight  Forum members against the maligned Lotus made Fleshlight to create a new unique texture: the V-Force. Is this texture a good one? Lets see the review!

General Description

I got the Gabby Quinteros model simply because she is Mexican (and all the other models were blondes). It really doesn’t matter because all VNA girls are available with the V-Force, so the orifice has to do with your own preferences. The texture seems to be an intense one, with a regular width tunnel covered completely with triangle-shaped nubs, closely spaced with an alternate array. The whole length of the tunnel has the same texture, so you should get the V-Force experience no matter how long you are.

VNA V-Force texture (Photo: Fleshlight.com)

When I refer to intensity, I usually talk about how strong my orgasm is. With some masturbators, that orgasm intensity is caused by an aggressive design of the toy. The STU, Nipple Alley, Destroya, and Bliss are some of those toys designed to make you cum hard and fast. Now we need to add the V-Force to the list.

The nubs are spaced to give you constant stimulation. Once you enter the V-Force, there are no “lazy” spaces in it – your penis WILL be touched by these nubs at all times, building a fast and furious orgasm.

Like with most Fleshlights, adjusting the cap will change how pronounced you will feel the texture. Keep the cap tight, and the V-Force is a mature lover, teasing you until you cum hard. Remove the cap, and the aggressive nature of the V-Force will “bite” you, forcing you to take rest on your pumping if you don’t want to cum. Mount this toy for hands-free sessions and prepare for sessions where you will need to control yourself.

Like all Fleshlights, the Bi-Hive is easy to clean, requiring some flushing with running water and air drying.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 3/5
Tightness: 4/5 
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  37 / 40


The V-Force falls in the same category of the STU: A perfect toy to practice control and build stamina. Enjoy! 


For this review, I used Honey Drops as the lube. I have a bunch of packets of this thing, so I will be using it more and more. I used the Meiki Plush Doll for the hands-free sessions. No porn was used for this review.

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