RPP 3.0 #24: Fleshlight Girls’ Twista (Tera Patrick) (RPP #76)

The Twista was the first signature texture from the Fleshlight Girls line and still one of the best offered by Fleshlight. How good is it? Keep reading…

General Description

The Twista has a single spiraling ridge that goes the whole length of the sleeve. The ridge is similar to the one found in the Wonder Wave with the difference that the Twista’s is a single ridge twisted inside the tunnel. The tunnel also has another characteristic – it has a decreasing diameter after the 4 inches mark, meaning that the deeper you go, the ridge will stimulate you more and more. Add an entrance orifice molded after Tera Patrick and you understand why this FLG is still around.

Photo: Fleshlight.com

If there is a reason why this FLG is still around is a simple one: IT IS GOOD!

The ridge inside the Twista never overpowers you, but makes its presence felt since you hit it for the first time. To add to the gentle but constant stimulation, the tunnel gets tighter after 4 inches, pressing the ridge against your penis. Because there is a single ridge all around the tunnel, you feel the ridge at all times, but it is never overwhelming. That single ridge simply keeps stimulating you during every single stroke.

The Twista is what I call a pleasurable sleeve – it is one of those sleeves you want to fuck for a long, long time before shooting your load inside it. My sessions with this sleeve are usually long sessions (above the 45 minutes mark), and my orgasms had been always strong, panting ones. I had this toy for more than a year and I enjoy fucking it like the first time.

Like all Fleshlights, the Twista is easy to clean, requiring some flushing with running water and air drying. It usually dries fast thanks to the lack of busy nubs inside the tunnel.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 4/5
Tightness: 3/5 
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High
Total score:  37 / 40


The Twista is one of the best Fleshlights in the market, period. The fact that it was one of the first FLGs on the market – and the oldest texture from the line, even after Tera Patrick retired from porn – says a lot about how good this texture is.


For this review, I used Honey Drops as the lube. I used the Meiki Plush Doll for the hands-free sessions.

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