RPP 3.0 #3: Venus Cross (RPP #55)

I enjoyed Tomax’s Succubus line, but I noticed they make a premium masturbator – the Venus series. This series is bigger and heavier than the Succubus, they have a more realistic selection of textures (Real, Cross, and Clone) and like the Succubus, each texture is available in three different firmness levels (soft, regular, and hard). I could not avoid the temptation and got a selection of Venus girls to experience. Today’s review is from the first I tried, the Venus Cross.

General Description

The Venus Cross is the only of the Venus textures that does not try to replicate realism. The internal tunnel is an array of dots or nubs (like the Succubus Dots), but instead of making a simple tubular canal, this masturbator has the dots arranged in four sections that forms a cross.

Tomax Venus Cross texture

These dots do not cover the whole length of the tunnel – at the middle of the tunnel, the Venus Cross has a short section with a realistic texture that precedes another group of dots. The diameter of the tunnel is tight on the dotted sections and slightly wider at the middle part. Because the dots are not too pronounced, the Venus Cross looks like it is not too intense and a good toy for longer sessions.


I got the Venus Cross in the soft firmness and was expecting an encore of my experience with the Succubus Dots. After all, they have similar textures and are made by the same manufacturer.

Well, I was in for a few surprises. Like the Succubus, the material feels great – odorless, soft, and ready for action – , but unlike the Succubus, the Venus is bigger and heavier. This toy is built to last and to be pounded at will. So that was what I did.

Venus Cross texture close up
This is what awaits you inside…

For the first session I used the Venus Cross as a hand-held stroker while watching a movie. As expected, it felt soft and nice, with the dots barely noticeable. The stimulation with this masturbator is not too strong, but it is constant and the suction is just perfect for a pleasurable session. After 30 or so minutes, I was rewarded with a good, but not spectacular orgasm.

The second and third sessions were with the Venus Cross used as a hands free. This toy is big and heavy (weights about 1.5 pounds), so it stays put when you use it as a hands-free. I could not fit the Venus in any of the dolls, so I used the old and trusted double pillow method to hold the toy during the session.

During these sessions, the Venus did what I really expected: melt my penis for long and nice sessions until I could not hold anymore. As a hands free, the Venus Cross took me to heaven and kept me there as long as I wanted. Lets put it this way: I did not masturbate with this toy, I made love to this rubber pussy. It felt so good, that I really felt I was making love to it during the third session for this review because I went long and slow with it. When a session lasts for almost two hours and you did not want that to end, you know you are dealing with a good masturbator.

Because the entrance and the tunnel are not too tight, the Venus Cross cleans easily. Due to the size of the toy, it takes a time to dry completely, but that is expected of a toy of this size. Turning it inside out is not recommended due to the thickness of the Venus’ walls.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 5/5
Tightness: 4/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 4/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  38 / 40


The Venus Cross is an excellent toy to add to any masturbator collection. In its soft firmness, the Venus is a toy that melts your penis with pleasure, but at the same time allows for total control of the length of your session. If you want to experience a good premium Japanese masturbator, but don’t want to shell out the $80 or more for a meiki, the Venus Cross provides the same sensations (with similar material quality) for $25 dollars less. Highly recommended!

I used FleshLube Water as the lubricant for the sessions with the Cross. This lube is a thin lubesold by Fleshlight and it is good for subtle textures like this. The movie I watched for the first session was Asian Insemination 6 – a collection of Asians getting their tight hairy pussies cream-pied. Good movie if you like Asian girls (and very appropriate for creaming a Japanese toy…)

Next Stop: Venus Real.

Available at: Toy Demon.com