RPP 3.0 #32: VerSpanken Wavy (RPP #84)

One thing you discover when you collect hundreds of fake pussies and asses is that at some time, they begin to feel the same. The reality is that there are so many ways you can arrange bumps and ridges inside a silicone / gel / rubber tube until you start repeating yourself. Sometimes you want something different, something new. When I saw the VerSpanken line by Big Teaze Toys, I bought it right away. Simple to use, customizable, and easy to clean? Count me in!

General Description

The VerSpanken has a very simple design – a hard plastic clam with two detachable foam / rubber pillows that you lube and fuck. The product comes with the foam pillows in three different textures – wavy, bumpy, or smooth – each one with a different color. The textures by themselves are not that innovative, but the funny part is that you can exchange them to create your own combination of textures – smooth and wavy, bumpy and wavy, and so on. Say that you have the three styles of pillows (or wieners as they call them), then you have in theory six different toys thanks to the possible combinations. Not so bad, but the wieners are also available with a liquid fill. The Water Wieners have the same exterior textures, but the feeling is different and they can be heated or chilled – creating 66 different combinations! Add that you can use the toy as a stroker or hands free and this little toy promises a lot of good times.


For this review, I used the VerSpanken Wavy (foam version). When you buy the VerSpanken, it comes with the selected texture in the foam version – the Water Wieners are sold separately.

Now, the toy is extremely simple to use – you lube your penis, lube the wieners and you are ready to go. Using it is when you have fun. As you will see on the multilingual instruction manual (as if you need an instruction manual!) , your imagination is the limit with this toy. You can use it as a stroker while watching porn, fix it on a surface or place it between the mattresses for some old-fashion  hands free fun. You can also have your partner use it on you, a very possible way to enjoy this toy because women will not feel intimidated, offended, or jealous by this toy because it really looks like a toy with all the bright purple.

If you are used to masturbation sleeves, this is going to be different. First of all, the VerSpanken is designed to feel tight, but you can modify the tightness by opening the clam shell and leaving it open or placing a rubber band on the open extreme. Second, you will feel the masturbator only in parts of your penis – just like when you use your hands. Depending on how you move the VerSpanken, you will feel slightly different sensations on your penis’ head or shaft… and that is good for a guy who has lots of toys! The toy gives you total control over your session, allowing to build up powerful slow stroking orgasms or equally powerful quickies. The wavy texture is not too intense, but rubbing these ridges on your penis head feels like heaven.

Be advised: this toy is MESSY. First of all, it is an open ended toy and lube will go everywhere. Also, when you cum, guess what, you will be cumming everywhere too! Good thing it is really easy to clean – you can use regular soap and water to clean it – and you don’t even need to take the wieners off.


Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 4/5
Tightness: 5/5 
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: Medium – High

Total score:  38 / 40


The VerSpanken is an interesting toy. Simple, compact, and allows for creative uses either on your own or with your partner. It feels good during use and it basically allows you total control of your session. The major negative point of this toy is how messy it can be using it. Lube and cum will go all over the place, but still the cleanup will be totally worth it!


For this review, I used Fleshlube Water and Honey Drops as the lubes. For the hands free sessions, I placed the VerSpanken between the legs of my custom heavy doll Monica.

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