RPP 3.0 #36: Tsurupeta Laboratory Girl (RPP #88)

As I had written before, Japanese toys can be based on controversial concepts for us in the other side of the world. One of those concepts is the tsurupeta – a girl with flat chest and a very smooth, hairless vagina. For us in the West, that concept is controversial because we associate flat chests with childhood, and any toy describing a young woman with those features will be considered as representing a child. That said, men all around the world get excited about the idea of fucking young women. In the late 1990’s, web porn starlets like Kitty Jung, Little Lupe, and Kat Young among others made tons of money exploiting their childish, “lolita” looks through their subscription websites. Admit it, we are a bunch of perverts…

The Tsurupeta Laboratory Girl is a toy designed after that “perversion”. Supposedly, the company that designed this toy studied the vaginas of hundreds of virgin girls to replicate the sensations of entering a young and virginal pussy. I don’t buy that idea, but the toy looked promising, so I got it and fucked it to share the review with you.

General Description

The Tsurupeta Laboratory Girl is a very soft and elastic toy shaped as the torso of a flat chested girl. Like the Girl On a Box, Sujiman Kupa Roa, and the Satori, the concept behind this masturbator is to support the fantasy of having sex with a barely legal, under developed girl. The Tsurupeta has no breast indication, a detailed ass and backside. The entrance is small, but the material is very stretchy. The exterior material is so soft that the plastic bag where it comes will make some marks that will disappear after a few days.

The Tsurupeta has a double layer tunnel, very narrow and covered from start to end with soft, rounded ribs. The tunnel is not straight – so the ribs will be touching your penis at all times. These are expected to provide stimulation, but not too much that they overwhelm you while using it.


Given the small size of the entry hole and the narrow tunnel, I was expecting good sessions and the Tsurupeta delivered. The toy did not delivered any new or revolutionary experience – the narrow tunnel, the ribs, the double layer, and even the torso shape are present in other toys – but it felt as a heavier and more expensive toy. The narrow tunnel engulfs your penis and the ribs go right to work as soon you enter. The stimulation is always there, but it is a stimulation that builds during use allowing you to control the timing of your orgasm.

As a stroker, the Tsurupeta works better than many other more expensive toys. Its smaller size – about 5 inches long – helps to control it with your hand. Since it fits perfectly in your hand, squeezing it feels better than with larger masturbators. As an insert, the Tsurupeta also excelled, fitting perfectly in my Love Venus R doll and allowing me to enjoy the soft ribs in many different positions. The toy delivered on each and every one of the sessions.

Cleaning the Tsurupeta is like cleaning any other closed masturbator. Drying requires using a paper towel to remove excess water before allowing to dry in open air. Because of the narrow tunnel, it will take a while to dry completely for storage, so plan on leaving the Tsurupeta on open air for a few days before stashing in inside the closet.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 4/5
Realism: 4/5
Tightness: 5/5 
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 3/5 
Maintenance: 5/5
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  36 / 40


Regardless of the fantasy behind this toy, the Tsurupeta is a good mid-level Japanese masturbator. If you are starting your collection of Japanese toys, you should consider the Tsurupeta Laboratory Girl: soft material, narrow tunnel, double layer construction and all that for about $30. The main issue of this toy is its size (5 inches) which could be too short for many larger than average users. Otherwise, a cool toy to play with!


For this review, I used TOMAX Silky lube. It is a thin, very slippery lube from Japan which feels very delicate when using it with toys. I need to use it a little bit more to be able to describe it better, but it is good!

Where to buy:  QueenCatAdultToys.com, KanojoToys.com

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