RPP 3.0 #38: Tsubomi Masturbator (RPP #90)

Apparently, flat masturbators are all the rage in Japan. Months ago, I reviewed the Sakura Camel Toe masturbator and today, I review a masturbator that looks very similar: The Tubomi. They look alike, but the question is: Is the Tubomi a good toy? Lets go to the review and see…

General Description

The Tubomi is another toy in the style of “young girls”. In fact the word “tubomi” means “blooming” in Japanese, so the idea behind this masturbator is a young girl who just became a woman.
The illustration on the box can be controversial for us in the West – the anime girl in the box looks extremely young – but have in mind that in Japan, the age of consent for sexual intercourse could be as low as 13 years old.

Forgetting the illustration, the toy has a nice look. With a camel toe pussy, a detailed sculpt of the torso (including a belly button), and a flat back, this toy looks like a slightly larger version of the Sakura Camel Toe masturbator. Well, looks can deceive. The Tubomi is a fully functional masturbator. Unlike the Sakura, Tubomi has a double layer construction and an entrance and a tunnel made for an average-sized penis. In addition, the texture in the Tubomi’s tunnel is more life-like and pronounced, giving the hint of a better experience.

Penetrating the Tubomi feels like it should – not too tight, but the material grips your penis and visually, seeing the torso bulging to the penetration is one of those cool experiences you want to have with a toy. The texture is realistic and keeps you on the edge – once you are able to find a comfortable position to use this toy.

That was my only issue with this toy. Its shape and weight make it difficult to use as a handheld toy, and forget about using it as an insert. The Tubomi is designed to be used as a table-top toy. Its  flat back is perfect to grip the surface of a table, bed, or one of those cute anime-printed love pillows. If you can masturbate by replicating the missionary position or standing in front of your bed or dining table, this is a toy for you! Personally, it is not the position I like to masturbate, so the toy was a difficult one for me to fully enjoy.

Still, when I was able to find a good setup, the Tubomi gave me really good orgasms. It kept me on the edge for minutes during each session and I had to really fuck this toy to  earn my reward: intense, knee jerking orgasms.

Be aware that if you have a thick or long penis, you can easily break the toy, either at the entry point or by popping through the back.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 4/5
Tightness: 4/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 4/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 3/5 

Value: Medium-High
Preference: Medium

Total score:  35 / 40


The Tubomi is an interesting toy. It has a good, realistic texture and it is more durable than expected. The score suffered due to my personal preference of use – the toy is best used by simulating the missionary position or by standing in front of a table or the bed. Those positions are not my favorite, so I could not fully enjoy the Tubomi.

I used Silky Lube as the lubricant for my sessions with little Tubomi. Thin lubes go well with the realistic but intense texture of this toy…

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