RPP 3.0 #41: Fleshlight’s Flight Navigator (a.k.a. Flight MD) (RPP #93)

When I saw the first photos of the new Flight Navigator (also known as the Flight M.D.), I thought the guys at Fleshlight had gone crazy. Why would anyone want a semen collection cup at the end of their FL? Well, apparently someone at ILF has a weird sense of humor – or a weird semen collection fetish – and included a graded specimen cup to a FL so you can measure how much juice you shoot after a session. As if I would make a record of how much I cum every time I masturbate! (Which I maybe start doing now that I have the Navigator…)
Is the Navigator good enough to justify a specimen collection cup? Lets go to the review to find out!

General Description

The Navigator has the same external design of the other Flight toys – Pilot and Instructor – but comes with an additional end cap housing  a graded collection cup like the one used in sperm banks. The toy has both the novelty collection cup and the regular end cap of the Flight line, so it costs a few extra dollars for the novelty. (At the time of writing this, the collection cup was not optional).

The texture is slightly different from the Instructor. It has a similar arrangement of bumps and smooth surfaces, but the navigator bumps are based on the pointy bumps of the Nipple Alley. There are about five rows of these bumps before opening the tunnel to a smooth section that many of us mistook for an ultra tight section. In reality, the smooth section of the sleeve have some slabs of material to tighten the width of the canal just a little bit, but enough to be felt.

With this design, I expected a milder feedback from the Navigator. Because of the wider smooth section, I expected a texture good for long sessions. 


I was expecting long sessions with the Navigator  and I got them – ending in awesome orgasms. The bumps are less pronounced that the ones on the Nipple Alley, so they feel less aggressive than them. The smooth section, although it is wider than expected, has a nice narrower entrance, simply caressing your penis in every stroke. If the Pilot and the Instructor are about control, the Navigator is about pleasure.

Flight Navigator (aka Flight MD). Photos: ILF / Fleshlight

The Navigator simply allows you to control the session and enjoy it. Imagine driving a convertible car in a road next to the coast. You are just cruising, enjoying the scenery and the whole trip. Once you arrive at your destination, you have a grin from ear to ear. That’s how I felt using the MD. I put a porn movie on the DVD player, took my position in bed and humped this toy at a leisure pace for 30 to 45 minutes before reaching powerful and happy orgasms. 

Now I understand why ILF named this toy the MD… It takes off your stress better than any pill!

As all Fleshlight / FleshJack toys, cleaning is as easy as just running water through the toy.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Tightness: 4/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: Very High

Total score:  38 / 40


The Flight Navigator is the perfect toy for those looking for a compact and discrete toy for long sessions. The collection cup adds a novelty factor, but I could not care less about it.  
I used Silky Lube and ID Glide as the lubricants for my sessions with the Navigator. ID Glide sucks, feeling sticky and stringy after a few minutes. Silky worked great with this toy, allowing me to complete the session without reapplying. My trusted C18 Alexa and my new C18 Elena (a rescued C18 Taffy doll) helped me during the hands-free sessions. 

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